Top 5 on The Strip: Animated superhero cartoons

Batman animated series

1. Bat­man: The Ani­mated Series

The stan­dard bearer for mod­ern super­hero car­toons, Bat­man: The Ani­mated Series was gritty, dark and fresh off the suc­cess of Bat­man Returns. It’s well-drawn with a neat art deco style and the voice act­ing set the stan­dard for future series. If you weren’t watch­ing this every day after school, you missed out. Imme­di­ately go back and watch this from begin­ning to end.

Teen Titans

2. Teen Titans

Teen Titans took a dif­fer­ent tack when talk­ing about Robin’s squad of heroes. It’s a great look at the younger super­heroes of the DC uni­verse in a group that still stands today. Fea­tur­ing Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy, the show focuses on the group being young super­heroes while also being teenagers with typ­i­cal teenager prob­lems. The voice work is fan­tas­tic and the ani­ma­tion is top-notch as well.

tmnt 1987 series

3. TMNT (1987 series)

We’re well-known TMNT fans here at GI and that love stems from the old black-and-white comics as well as the orig­i­nal ani­mated series. That series, with its ’80s atti­tude and charm, man­aged to get us into the Tur­tles to start and paved the way for the jug­ger­naut that was and still is the Tur­tles fran­chise. Out­stand­ing voice­work — fea­tur­ing the likes of Jim Cum­mings and the late James Avery — make it one of the best ‘80s ani­mated series and a good intro­duc­tion to the TMNT uni­verse at large.

X-men fox animated

4. X-Men: The Ani­mated Series

Aside from the clas­sic theme, X-Men: The Ani­mated Series fea­tured a stel­lar voice cast and sto­ries that mostly stayed faith­ful to the comics. At the time of its 1992 incep­tion, this was unheard of in comic prop­er­ties trans­lated to TV. X-Men estab­lished sev­eral char­ac­ters as favorites: Storm, Wolver­ine, Pro­fes­sor X, Jean Grey, Cable, Bishop, Gam­bit and Jubilee. It was so great that incar­na­tions of the char­ac­ters fea­tured in the show have been used in mul­ti­ple video game prop­er­ties since.


5.  Spider-Man (Fox)

Another great Fox ani­mated series, Spider-Man was a fan­tas­tic show­case of the web-crawler’s style and sto­ry­lines. It fea­tured quite a few of Peter Parker’s rogues gallery and touched on a lot of his story arcs with accu­racy and matu­rity not usu­ally seen in comic book shows. As with X-Men: The Ani­mated Series, Spider-Man had great voice act­ing that car­ried over into video games pro­duced there­after, such as the Mar­vel Ver­sus series.

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