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Marvel character highlight #26: Taskmaster

Name: Tony Masters Alias: Taskmaster, Barney Toastmaster, Captain America, Chief Warrant Officer T. McWilliams/Ground Crew Chief McWilliams, Tasky Affiliation: Power Elite, Ravencroft Institute, Black Ant, Hydra, Hydra’s Avengers, Hydra High Sect, S.H.I.E.L.D. Secret Avengers, A.I.M., The Org, The Cabal, Initiative, … Continue reading

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Top 5 on the Strip: Comic book games edition

1. Marvel vs. Capcom series If there were ever a polarizing yet fun fighting game, it’s probably Marvel vs. Capcom. The first few Versus games are fun yet broken, but you don’t know broken until you get to Marvel vs. … Continue reading

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Otaku Corner: Pandemic blues or a geek’s battle cry against Covid 19

Or how we will learn to emerge awesome from Downersville As I write this, like many of our fellow geeks around the country and the world, GI staff are dealing with a new and unknown “normal.” Ever since January 20, … Continue reading

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Anime Lounge #18: Death Note Ep. 6 – 12

Series: Death Note Episodes: 6 to 12 Premise: A young man named Light Yagami is bored and incredibly gifted mentally. He’s looking for things to do outside of hacking the national police database and is preparing to go to law … Continue reading

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Property Review: Captain Marvel

A marvelous beginning Captain Marvel Marvel Studios, 2019 We all knew she was coming; we just didn’t know when. And when Carol Danvers got here, we were waiting, and we were not disappointed with what she brought with her. Captain … Continue reading

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Strip Talk #28: All hail the return of Keaton, king of the Batmen

The king has returned home to his throne. All is right in the world of DC. It had better be because the best Batman is returning. Michael Keaton has been announced to return in the Flash’s new movie as a … Continue reading

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