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Strip Talk #01: True Believer

Thanks, Beeb, for making a ‘true believer’ If comic book experiences were the barometer of my maturity as a person, I would be a late bloomer. I didn’t get into the print animated side of life until I was 8 … Continue reading

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Marvel character highlight #01: Cyclops

NAME: Scott Summers AFFILIATION: X-Men BACKGROUND: As a child, Scott Summers and his brother Alex were involved in a plane crash after their plane was attacked by the Shi’ar Empire. Their mother, Katherine, pushed the boys out of the plane … Continue reading

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Comic property review: ‘X-Men’

X-Men Twentieth Century Fox, 2000 Mutant peaceseekers find success in first of trilogy If you get around some of the changes to the silver screen adaptation of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s merry band of mutants, you’re bound to find … Continue reading

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