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Top 5 list: Worst comic book movies

Chances are, if you’re comic book fanatics like we are at Gaming Insurrection, you’ve seen one of the movies on this list. If you soak up overacting, tired drama and nonsensical plots with hamfisted writing, you’ve seen everything on this … Continue reading

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Marvel character highlight #07: Magneto

Name: Unrevealed; uses the name Erik Magnus Lehnsherr Affiliations: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Charles Xavier, the X-Men, the New Mutants Special abilities: Ability to manipulate magnetism and all forms of electromagnetic energy Background: Little is known about the origins of … Continue reading

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Otaku #06: Robotech

Mech drama in space brings back memories I decided to follow in my GI comrades’ footsteps and begin a new segment where I review animated properties, but with a little anime flavor. While I will continue to review great manga … Continue reading

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Strip Talk #07: What makes up heroes or villains?

I’ve often wondered what makes a character a hero or a villain in comics. What makes a character “good” and another “bad”? How does the writer who creates the characters sit down and decide “I’m going to make this person … Continue reading

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Animated property review: X-Men The Animated Series

X-Men the Animated Series Vol. 1  |  Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2009 X-Men origins told correctly If there ever was a quintessential property in the 1990s of comic book origin, it’s X-Men the Animated Series. The Fox staple in the … Continue reading

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