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Top 5 on The Strip: Burning anime questions

1. Big O What was the event that caused the amnesia 40 years before? It’s hinted that an event caused everyone in Paradigm City to lose their memories. Every so often the city resets itself, but it’s also explained that … Continue reading

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Marvel character highlight #21: Venom

Name: Edward Charles Allan Brock Aliases: Toxin, Venom, Lethal Protector, 998th, Anti-Venom, White Venom Affiliation: Agent Venom, Savage Six, Sinister Six, The Revengers, former partner of Vengeance, Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider, F.E.A.S.T. Special abilities: Because of the bonding of an alien … Continue reading

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Anime Lounge #12: Special A Ep. 1-12

Series: Special A Episodes: 1 to 12 Premise: A group of extraordinarily talented students are isolated in their school. The group is comprised of the top seven students from each class at Hakusenkan: Kei Takishima, Hikari Hanazono, Jun and Megumi … Continue reading

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Otaku Corner: Tenjho Tenge Vol. 2

Tenjho Tenge heats up in second volume of action Welcome back to another installment of Otaku Corner. This time, we’re going back to school, which means we’re enrolling again at the renowned Todo Academy where students learn the three basics: … Continue reading

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Property review: Batman Forever

Batman Forever Warner Bros., 1995 The point in which the Bat falters There comes a time in every Batman fan’s life where they must do the expected: rank the original quadrilogy of films. And, sure, everyone knows that any Batman … Continue reading

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Strip Talk #22: No fat-shaming allowed of any kind

Let’s be real for a moment: I am what you would call a fat girl. I’ve been fairly overweight for a large portion of my adult life. It’s nothing I don’t already know and it’s nothing that I haven’t tried … Continue reading

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