Anime Lounge #15: Yuri on Ice!!

Get ready to skate

Episodes: 1 to 12 (all)

Premise: Pro­fes­sional fig­ure skater Yuri Kat­suki is in a career slump, suf­fer­ing his worst defeat dur­ing the Grand Prix. Yuri’s con­fi­dence has hit rock bot­tom and he’s think­ing of giv­ing up and quit­ting skat­ing for good. But he’s vis­ited by his idol, fel­low skater Vic­tor Niki­forov, after a video of Yuri per­form­ing Victor’s sig­na­ture rou­tine goes viral. With Victor’s tute­lage, Yuri works to get back into per­form­ing with a renewed vigor. Yuri’s efforts to become some­thing bet­ter and his work toward devel­op­ing rela­tion­ships and con­fi­dence in his work and him­self are documented.

Is it worth watch­ing?: Yes. The story is hilar­i­ously played out, from Yuri’s strug­gles to stay in skat­ing shape to his awk­ward attempts at befriend­ing fel­low skaters. The seri­ous side of the story is also worth not­ing as it show­cases what pres­sure to suc­ceed can do to even the most con­fi­dent of us all.

Break­out char­ac­ter: Yuri Pliset­sky. The other Yuri, known as Yurio, is good and he knows it. He man­ages to steal every scene he’s in, whether he’s impress­ing with his bril­liant skat­ing prowess or cre­at­ing a new depth of rude­ness to every­one around him.

Fun­ni­est episode: Episode 10, “Gotta Super­charge it! Pre-Grand Prix Final Spe­cial!” The end of the episode reveals the moti­va­tion for Vic­tor to come to Japan to train and teach Yuri. The scene is shown through flash­backs and gets increas­ingly funny as it goes for­ward. Yuri’s con­vinc­ing of Vic­tor to train him is right in line with their rela­tion­ship: Sur­pris­ing yet obvious.

Where it’s going?: With the end of the first sea­son and Yuri’s move to St. Peters­burg, Rus­sia, to con­tinue train­ing, the end­ing was left open for a future sequel sea­son and there is a movie in pro­duc­tion. That sea­son has been announced, so it remains to be seen just where Yuri’s career will take him and what he will have finally accom­plished in his renewed state.

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