Anime Lounge #09: Kill la Kill Ep. 1-6

Kill La KillAnime-Lounge

Series: Kill la Kill

Episodes: 1 to 6

Premise: A schoolgirl, Ryuko Matoi, goes on a search for her father’s killer — a person wielding a scissor blade — while wearing a specially made suit — Senketsu. Matoi comes into conflict with Honnouji Academy and its leader, Satsuki Kiryuin, who rules with an iron fist. Matoi gains allies in her fight, starting with best friend Mako Mankanshoku and her family, and gains others in the form of Nudist Beach.

Is it worth watching?: Yes. The premise of a living uniform giving a girl super powers is intriguing enough, but the action and the way the animation works is an even bigger reason to watch it through to the end. The dialogue is snappy, and the characters are interesting and unique.

Breakout character: Mako Mankanshoku. Mako is quite weird and plays her role as the sidekick quite well. She’s funny and interesting enough that you notice her almost immediately. She stands out from the crowd of characters introduced.

Funniest episode: Episode 4, Dawn of a Miserable Morning. Mako and Ryuko can’t be late for school, as it’s the one day of the year that requires everyone to be on time or risk being expelled. The route to school is purposely booby-trapped and set up for failure, with the prime objective of weeding out the ranks of the school. The duo make several attempts to get there on time and are nearly killed. What they don’t realize is it’s basically one trap after another, right down to walking in the door.

Where it’s going: Ryuko is going to get some answers in her quest to find her father’s killer. She’ll learn just who she can trust, the reasons for his murder and why working together is such a good idea.

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