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Top 5 on The Strip: Animated superhero cartoons

1. Batman: The Animated Series The standard bearer for modern superhero cartoons, Batman: The Animated Series was gritty, dark and fresh off the success of Batman Returns. It’s well-drawn with a neat art deco style and the voice acting set … Continue reading

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Property review: Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War Marvel Studios, 2016 A civil war worth fighting No, this isn’t the “Late Unpleasantness,” but Captain America: Civil War is a bitter battle waged between brothers in arms. And it’s a fascinating look at that battle … Continue reading

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Otaku Corner: Death Note Vol. 9

Death Note wrapping up in its usual suspense-filled way Scholarly. Resourceful. If I had to describe Light Yagami, I would use these words to characterize him as well as to say that I could see him becoming a future minister … Continue reading

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Marvel character highlight #22: Iceman

Name: Robert Louis Drake Alias: Iceman, Bobby Drake, Frozen One, Frosty, Drake Roberts, Iceface, Iceheart Affiliation: X-Men, X-Factor, Murder Circus, Excelsiors, The Twelve, Chosen, Defenders, Secret Defenders, Champions Special abilities: Iceman is classified as an “omega-level mutant.” Iceman can lower … Continue reading

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Strip Talk #24: Get ready for the deluge of comic book movies

The deluge of comic book movies these days is like heaven-sent mana for a geek like myself. The sheer volume alone is overwhelming, and the majority of them happen to be good. I will properly confess that I wasn’t anticipating … Continue reading

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Anime Lounge #14: Death Note Ep. 1-6

Series: Death Note Episodes: 1 to 6 Premise: A young man named Light Yagami is bored and incredibly gifted mentally. He’s looking for things to do outside of hacking the national police database and is preparing to go to law … Continue reading

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