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Comic property review: “Punisher War Zone”

Third time’s a charm for Punisher “Punisher War Zone” Marvel Knights, 2008 If you can ignore the fact that this is the third attempt at bringing Frank Castle’s tale to big screen, you will love Punisher: War Zone. This is … Continue reading

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Otaku #03: Death Note Vol. 2

Death Note Volume 2 fills out its pages with interesting twists Previously in Otaku, I reviewed the manga Death Note, which tells the story of high school ace Light Yagami who finds a death note, a notebook with the power … Continue reading

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Strip Talk #04: ’80s and ’90s themes are the soundtrack of my life

I don’t throw the title “child of the ’80s” around often. The definition is someone, like myself, that was born between the years 1975 to 1986 that remembers the pop culture of the era because they lived through it. Myself? … Continue reading

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Marvel character highlight #04: Juggernaut

NAME: Cain Marko AFFILIATION: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Men SPECIAL ABILITIES: Unstoppable force once moving, superhuman strength, endurance and immortality through the gem of Cyttorak. BACKGROUND: Cain Marko became part of Charles Xavier’s family through the marriage of his father … Continue reading

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Top 5 list: Best mutant powers edition

Superman Invisible force field aura As the Man of Steel can attest, his force field is just that: a coating of steel. It takes a lot to harm the blue-and-red savior of Metropolis and mostly what can hurt him is … Continue reading

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