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Property review: Ultimate Avengers (animated)

ULTIMATE AVENGERS Lionsgate/Marvel Animated Features, 2006 Ultimately awesome: Avengers cartoon passes test We should start out by saying that we’re longtime comic fans. We’ve followed Marvel’s heroes for years and we’ve read issues of the Ultimates when it debuted. There’s … Continue reading

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Otaku Corner #08: All-New Tenchi Muyo Vol. 2

Face alien doom with the second volume of Tenchi Welcome back to another segment of “Otaku Corner” where my job is to review anime and manga for your leisure. In a previous OC review, I covered the first issue of … Continue reading

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Marvel character highlight #09: Cable

REAL NAME: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers AFFILIATION: X-Men, New Mutants/X-Force, Six Pack SPECIAL ABILITIES: Telekinesis and telepathy. Enhanced eyesight through his techno-organic eye and enhanced strength and durability in parts affected by the virus. Cable is also proficient in most … Continue reading

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Top 5 on The Strip: WTF lines from Ultimate Avengers

BY JAMIE MOSLEY/Gaming Insurrection Is there anything better than watching your favorite superheroes using their superpowers to save the world from certain doom? The answer: Yes, listening to those same superheroes deliver some of the best and memorable lines you … Continue reading

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Strip Talk #09: Let’s end the bashing of direct comic book films

I don’t know where the inclination to bash a direct comic book movie has come from in recent years, but it honestly needs to stop. I don’t know about the various movie critics out there, but I love a good … Continue reading

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