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Anime Lounge #01: Welcome

Hi, I’m new to anime It wasn’t that long ago that I was a newbie to the world of anime and manga, or so it seems. I was in high school when Dragon Ball Z began airing on Cartoon Network’s … Continue reading

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Top 5 on The Strip: Doom quotes edition

1. If you are still breathing, then Doom was merciful! — Marvel vs. Capcom 3 2. Failure is beneath Doom! — Marvel vs. Capcom 3 3. To face Doom is to face one’s end! — MvC3 intro 4. Now you … Continue reading

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Property review: Batman (1989)

Batman Warner Bros., 1989 Batman’s exploits begin in excellent 1989 adventure When the Tim Burton-directed Caped Crusader’s vehicle hit the silver screen, comic book movies were in their infancy. Sure, there was the Dolph Lundgren version of The Punisher and … Continue reading

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Strip Talk #11: Alternate universes expand story

Alternate universes. As a comic book aficionado, you can’t live with them or live without them. Any ink fan knows his or her’s alternate history of events for their characters, places or eras. And if you don’t, there’s no way … Continue reading

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Otaku Corner #10: Eagle Vol. 2

Political appeal comes through in second volume of Eagle Welcome back to “Otaku Corner,” where GI showcases the best in Japanese comic art and animation. I am happy to announce that GI editor-in-chief Lyndsey Hicks Mosley will debut the Anime … Continue reading

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Marvel character highlight #11: Dr. Doom

Name: Victor von Doom Affiliation: Parliament of Doom, Dark Cabal, Knights of the Atomic Table, Fantastic 4, Masters of Evil, Future Foundation Special abilities: Genius-level intellect, with specialty in scientific and technological matters, superhuman strength (while wearing the Doom armor), … Continue reading

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