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Top 5 list: Favorite villains edition

Magneto – Erik Lensherr doesn’t dwell on his past as a Holocaust victim or the fact that his entire family has been wiped out numerous times. While anyone else would live a hard life because of the repeated loss and … Continue reading

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Otaku #01: Death Note

Death Note Vol. 1 a stroke above I’m going to throw in a little manga for all of you otaku out there. Don’t worry Marvel and DC comic fans, GI will always have you covered since we know both companies … Continue reading

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Marvel character highlight #02: Omega Red

NAME: Arkady Gregorivich AFFILIATION: Red Mafia, Upstarts, The Hand SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can project Carbonadium tentacles from his wrists; drains life force from living beings to regenerate  energy. BACKGROUND:  Arkady Gregorivich was once an imprisoned serial killer in his native Russia. … Continue reading

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Strip Talk #02: Phoenix Saga Woes

Oh where to start about why I despise the Phoenix saga of the X-Men? OK, I know that started out a little harsh, but we are talking about the Phoenix saga after all, and it’s one of the few story … Continue reading

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Comic property review: ‘Superman Returns’

Attempted reboot of Superman franchise an admirable effort Superman Returns Warner Bros., 2006 The reboot of the Superman movie franchise was long in coming. Let’s face facts: Superman IV was a disgrace to the franchise’s name, Christopher Reeve was rolling … Continue reading

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