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Strip Talk #06: A few things I need from comic book flicks

There are a few things I need from my comic book and cartoon-adapted movies. Without them, the movie’s not going to work and it won’t be worth the film it’s recorded on. These are my pet peeves when it comes … Continue reading

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Marvel character highlight #06: Rogue

Name: Anna Marie Affiliation: X-Men, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Special abilities: Absorbs — sometimes permanently — the life force and psyche of an individual that she touches with skin-to-skin contact. With absorption from mutants, Rogue can temporarily or permanently use … Continue reading

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Otaku #05: Death Note Vol. 3

‘Death Note Volume 3’ adds faces, intrigue to Light’s saga This quarter in the Otaku corner, I’m continuing the review of the biggest battle of good versus evil ever seen in Japanese animation in Volume 3 of “Death Note.” A … Continue reading

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Top 5 list: Useless heroes edition

There are heroes out there. They’re good characters who work to keep evil at bay in the universe. However, just because you’re working for the good of man and creature alike, doesn’t mean you’re useful, unfortunately. Here are five that … Continue reading

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Comic property review: “The Spirit”

‘The Spirit’ lacking in focus, execution “The Spirit” Lionsgate, 2008 Despite reviews to the contrary, “The Spirit” isn’t a bad movie. It is a mess in some spots and it requires multiple viewings to fully understand what’s going on but, … Continue reading

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