Top 5 on the Strip: Comic book games edition

1. Mar­vel vs. Cap­com series

If there were ever a polar­iz­ing yet fun fight­ing game, it’s prob­a­bly Mar­vel vs. Cap­com. The first few Ver­sus games are fun yet bro­ken, but you don’t know bro­ken until you get to Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 2. Spend­ing 18 hours at a tour­na­ment to watch the same 10 char­ac­ters fight in teams of three makes you dis­like and love a game at the same time.

2. Bat­man Arkham series

Batman’s run of action-adventure games has quite a few stand­outs. Rock­steady out­did them­selves in let­ting you become the Dark Knight and immerse your­self in the world of Gotham and the insane asy­lum that is Arkham. Any entries are clas­sics that shouldn’t be missed.

3. X-Men arcade game

Wel­come to die!” is a pleas­ant yet infa­mous greet­ing wait­ing for you at the end of the X-Men quar­ter muncher. Gold and Blue ’90s-era X-Men join and fight in a team of four to take on the Broth­er­hood of Mutants. It’s a fun romp that reminds you of how pow­er­ful the orig­i­nal ani­mated series was in terms of impact on gamers and comic book nerds alike.

4. TMNT 2: The Arcade Game

If there is ever a game on this list that per­son­i­fies GI and its life in the ’90s, it’s this sequel. Eas­ily one of the best quar­ter steal­ers of all time, TMNT2 took every­thing from the comics, the orig­i­nal ani­mated TV show and the movies and turned it into an ultra-fun excur­sion in the world of the lean mean green fight­ing machine.

5. Mar­vel Ulti­mate Alliance

An insanely fun brawler that’s chock full of Mar­vel awe­some­ness, the first Ulti­mate Alliance game is fun and full of depth. It’s also co-op and intro­duced you to the then-obscure Mar­vel char­ac­ters that are now house­hold names. I didn’t know the Win­ter Sol­dier then or Fing Fang Foom but I bet I do now. This is the Mar­vel encyclopedia.

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