Top 5 on The Strip: Batman versions

1. Bat­man (Earth Two ver­sion): This ver­sion of Bruce Wayne set­tles down with Selina Kyle and has a daugh­ter, Helena Wayne, who becomes Huntress. Even­tu­ally, Bruce becomes police com­mis­sioner. After a one last adven­ture as Bat­man, he is killed in bat­tle try­ing to stop the destruc­tion of the city. As he was still using his secret iden­tity, Doc­tor Fate of Earth Two changes real­ity to keep his iden­tity secret and lets every­one believe that Bruce died of can­cer at Wayne Manor.

2. Bat­man film — Michael Keaton: Michael Keaton, the first of the film cowl wear­ers, was derided when he was announced in the mid-1980s. No one could believe that “Mr. Mom” would do the trick. And then 1989’s Bat­man hit the sil­ver screen and the noise stopped. Not only was Keaton excel­lent, but also he brought a much-needed sever­ity to the char­ac­ter and was wholly believ­able inside and out­side of the tights.

3. Flash­point Bat­man: In the Flash­point ver­sion of Bat­man, Thomas and Martha Wayne — the mur­dered par­ents of Bruce Wayne in all Bat­man ori­gin sto­ries — don’t die. Instead, Bruce is killed in Crime Alley in their place. In their grief and attempts to cope with Bruce’s death, Thomas becomes Bat­man and Martha becomes the Joker. Even­tu­ally, both learn that in the true time­line, they die in the place of Bruce and he becomes Bat­man to avenge their deaths.

4. Bat­man film — Chris­t­ian Bale ver­sion: Chris­t­ian Bale took a fran­chise that was mired in the depths of medi­oc­rity and down­right unin­ten­tional hilar­ity and gave it life again. Bale made it cool to like Bat­man and the Caped Crusader’s cred­i­bil­ity was restored. It only took two movies, arguably, to achieve this feat: Bat­man Begins in 2005 and The Dark Knight in 2008, all lead by Bale. The Dark Knight Rises was just an added bonus to seal the deal.

5. Bat­man kills the Joker/Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 3 Bat­man: In a ver­sion of the Injus­tice sto­ry­line, Bat­man actu­ally kills the Joker. After the Joker plants a bomb killing Lois Lane, Bat­man cap­tures him and attempts to turn him in. As they’re rid­ing to Arkham Asy­lum, the Joker inti­mates that he will likely try again to tor­ment Super­man and hints at try­ing to kill Superman’s baby. Bat­man snaps and well, breaks the Joker’s neck.

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