Marvel character highlight #20: Hawkeye

Name: Clint Bar­tonhawkeye
Aliases: Cap­tain Amer­ica, Golden Archer, Goliath, Ronin
Affil­i­a­tion: The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Defend­ers, Great Lakes Avengers, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Thun­der­bolts, West Coast Avengers, Wild Pack, World Counter-terrorism Agency
Spe­cial abil­i­ties: Despite hav­ing no super pow­ers, Hawk­eye is at the peak of human con­di­tion­ing. He has a vast amount of strength, is a grand­mas­ter archer and is extremely effi­cient in acro­bat­ics, hand-to-hand com­bat and weaponry.
Back­ground: After los­ing his par­ents in a car acci­dent at an early age, Hawk­eye joined the cir­cus with his brother, Bar­ney. Dur­ing his time liv­ing with the cir­cus, he was trained as a master-level archer by Swords­man and Trick Shot. After leav­ing that par­tic­u­lar cir­cus, he joined other trav­el­ing car­ni­val out­fits until he saw Iron Man/Tony Stark in action. He wanted to become a cos­tumed super­hero but was accused of theft in his first try at adven­tur­ing. He soon met the Black Widow (Natalia Romanova ver­sion) and fell in love with her. Things did not end well between the two and he later saves Edwin Jarvis, Iron Man/Tony Stark’s assis­tant, from a mug­ging. Through this rela­tion­ship, Clint joined the Avengers in its sec­ond incar­na­tion after being spon­sored by Stark.
Clint left and rejoined the Avengers sev­eral times and was reunited with his wife Mock­ing­bird sev­eral times. He was also wiped from exis­tence and killed at least twice, thanks to his for­mer lover Scar­let Witch.
Rela­tion­ships: Bar­ney Bar­ton (Trick Shot), brother; Bar­bara “Bobbi” Morse (Mock­ing­bird), wife; Janet Pym (Wasp), lover; Kate Bishop (Hawk­eye), men­toree; Natalia Romanova (Black Widow), lover; Wanda Max­i­moff (Scar­let Witch), lover; Buck Chisholm (Trick Shot), men­tor; Jacques Duquesne (Swords­man), men­tor
First Ver­sus game appear­ance: Ulti­mate Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 3
Appear­ances in other media: The Mar­vel super Heroes (tele­vi­sion), Iron Man (tele­vi­sion), Fan­tas­tic Four (tele­vi­sion), The Avengers: United They Stand (tele­vi­sion), The Super Hero Squad Show (tele­vi­sion), The Avengers: Earth’s Might­i­est Heroes (tele­vi­sion), Iron Man: Armored Adven­tures (tele­vi­sion), Ulti­mate Spider-Man (tele­vi­sion), Avengers Assem­ble (tele­vi­sion), Mar­vel Disk Wars: The Avengers (tele­vi­sion), Iron Man: Rise of Tech­novore (ani­mated film), Avengers Con­fi­den­tial: Black Widow & Pun­isher (ani­mated film), Thor (film), The Avengers (film), Avengers: Age of Ultron (film, not yet released), Spider-Man: The Video Game (video game); Cap­tain Amer­ica and the Avengers (video game), Venom/Spider-Man: Sep­a­ra­tion Anx­i­ety (video game), Mar­vel: Ulti­mate Alliance (video game), Ulti­mate Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 3 (video game), Mar­vel Super Hero Squad Online (video game), Mar­vel: Avengers Alliance (video game), Mar­vel Avengers: Bat­tle for Earth (video game), Mar­vel Heroes (video game), Lego Mar­vel Super Heroes (video game), Mar­vel Avengers Alliance Tac­tics (video game), Dis­ney Infin­ity: Mar­vel Super Heroes (video game), Mar­vel Uni­verse: LIVE! (theater)

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