Anime Lounge #11: Cowboy Bebop Ep. 1–13

Anime-LoungeSeries: Cow­boy Bebop
Episodes: 1 to 13
Premise: A bounty hunter crew fea­tur­ing a for­mer syn­di­cate mem­ber, Spike Spiegel; a con artist, Faye Valen­tine; a retired police detec­tive who pilots a ship named Bebop, Jet Black; a genius child hacker, Ed; and a genius dog, Ein, trav­els around space in the year 2071 in search of their next bounty that will put the food on the table. They also have their own agen­das and pasts that come back to haunt them or help them dur­ing the course of their travels.

Is it worth watch­ing?: If you con­sider the fact that Cow­boy Bebop is near-universally con­sid­ered in the top five anime series ever cre­ated, the answer is yes. There’s drama, action, per­fect voice act­ing and a his­tory that makes you want to delve deeper into the mys­ter­ies of every char­ac­ter in the show. Oh, and the ani­ma­tion is awe­some and the sound­track is amaz­ing.
Break­out char­ac­ter: By the mid­point of the series, nearly every char­ac­ter is con­sid­ered a break­out char­ac­ter. But if we had to choose, we’d say Ed. She stands out, not because it’s a mys­tery as to who Ed is, but more about why Ed is even involved. She’s weird but there’s rea­sons for the mad­ness.
Fun­ni­est episode: Episode 11, “Toys in the Attic.” The entire episode revolves around the major­ity of the crew being bit­ten by a ven­omous blob crea­ture. The crew are stalked and taken out one by one, lead­ing to hilar­ity when Ed and Spike attempt to tackle the mys­tery of what exactly the blob is and how it got on the ship in the first place.
Where it’s going?: Every episode up to 13 is a build up of the char­ac­ters and their rea­sons for com­ing together on the Bebop. How everyone’s sto­ries inter­sect and con­clude is the basis for the next 13 episodes. Back­ground sto­ries are more fleshed out and char­ac­ters’ moti­va­tions from their pasts are the cat­a­lysts for char­ac­ter development.

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