Top 5 on The Strip: Villainesses

Selene - Marvel

1. Selene (Black Queen – Hell­fire Club) – Marvel

Selene – bet­ter known as the Black Queen of the Hell­fire Club – is at least 17,000 years old and con­tin­u­ously wreaks havoc on the Mar­vel Uni­verse, mostly by ter­ror­iz­ing the X-Men. She’s fea­tured as the boss of one of Gambit’s stages in Spider-Man & the X-Men in Arcade’s Revenge, so you know she’s obnoxious.

Mutant power: Life-draining psy­chic vam­pire, flame manipulation

 Star Sapphire-Carol Ferris

2. Star Sap­phire – DC

The orig­i­nal Star Sap­phire had sev­eral remark­able pow­ers that included the use of a vio­let Power Ring (like the Green Lantern Corps). The main thing to know about Star Sap­phire is that she is a group, a corps just like the Green Lantern. The group is pos­sessed by the Star Sap­phire gem, which is attracted to wor­thy females who are in love with Hal Jor­dan. Remem­ber folks, stalk­ing and har­rass­ment are crimes, no mat­ter if you are a gem or not.

Super power: Vio­let Power Ring pos­ses­sion, force blasts, pro­tec­tive shield, flight

 Lady Deathstrike

3. Lady Death­strike – Marvel

Yeah, so Yuriko Oyama has an adamantium-bonded skele­ton sim­i­lar to Wolverine’s. The rea­son for this? Because she wanted to have it. It wasn’t that she had it forced on her; no, she asked Spi­ral to do the process because she wanted to be able to kill Wolver­ine, who she thought stole the the­o­ries and ideas on the adaman­tium process. Receiv­ing cyber­netic implants as well, Yuriko has hunted Wolver­ine for decades.

Mutant power: Super­hu­man strength, speed, sta­mina, dura­bil­ity and agility; unbreak­able skele­ton laced with adaman­tium and 10 claws made of adaman­tium; and a cyber­netic heal­ing factor.

 Talia al Ghul

4. Talia ah Gul – DC

The daugh­ter of Ra’s ah Gul, Talia has car­ried on her father’s life of crime and destruc­tion. She’s covertly worked to take over Gotham City, injured or killed numer­ous peo­ple and lead the noto­ri­ous League of Assas­sins. Her sav­ing grace is the fact that she mar­ried Bruce Wayne and pro­duced an heir, Damien Wayne. Even­tu­ally, she dis­owns Damien after real­iz­ing that he would always oppose her after tak­ing up his father’s cause. Moth­erly love this is not.

Super power: Enhanced longevity, genius-level intel­li­gence, supe­rior marks­man­ship and swordsmanship


5. Mys­tique – Marvel

There isn’t much that Mys­tique hasn’t done. In sev­eral real­i­ties, she has been the cause of assas­si­na­tions of key fig­ures that leads to the down­fall of that real­ity (see: Days of Future Past) and has betrayed quite a few peo­ple in her path. Given that she’s able to shapeshift at will into whomever she wants, Mys­tique has used that power to fur­ther her own agenda and goals. Usu­ally, those goals are in line with the Broth­er­hood of Evil.

Mutant power: Shapeshifting

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