Otaku Corner: Onimusha: Night of Genesis

Cap­com manga con­tin­ues Onimusha saga

Brandon-2012-cutoutWel­come back to Otaku Cor­ner, where we bring you the finest anime and manga this side of the North­ern Hemi­sphere. Pre­vi­ously, I reviewed the first install­ment of Capcom’s samu­rai adven­ture series Onimusha. It did not take long for a manga adap­ta­tion to not only tie-in the series, but also to present new char­ac­ters in the recent Onimusha game, Dawn of Dreams. This adap­ta­tion is “Onimusha: Night of Genesis.”

Writ­ten and drawn by Mit­suru Ohsaki and pub­lished by Udon Comics, “Night of Gen­e­sis” fol­lows two new Onimusha war­riors who are des­tined to face the noto­ri­ous genma forces, but for dif­fer­ent rea­sons. At the begin­ning of the first chap­ter, Hideyasu Yuki and Jubei-Akane Yagyu face off with each other. As the manga goes on, these war­riors dis­cover that while they have dif­fer­ent adver­saries to bat­tle, they awaken the awe­some power inside them that would not only destroy their respec­tive foes, but also would remove the even greater threat of the genma destroy­ing Japan and the world.

Night of Gen­e­sis” is a rad­i­cal take on the Onimusha series that remains loyal to the games’ sto­ry­line. While read­ing, I

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Photo cour­tesy of Amazon.com

found that although the character’s back sto­ries and rel­e­vant ele­ments of Japan­ese his­tory are entwined, Oshaki-san took great care to keep these ele­ments from over­lap­ping. This is impor­tant since fans of cer­tain games dis­cover that when their favorite title and char­ac­ters appear in graphic nov­els, very lit­tle or none of the game’s story remains as the main story. I also give credit to Udon Comics’ team of Gala Fer­rire and Jim Zubkavich, whose Eng­lish adap­ta­tion main­tained under­stand­ing of the manga’s plot; and Mike Young­berg, whose trans­la­tions were help­ful, espe­cially when sword-fighting tech­niques needed expla­na­tion. Over­all, Onimusha fans and otaku look­ing for a good samu­rai manga won’t be disappointed.

Onimusha: Night of Gen­e­sis is the first offi­cial tie-in to a gam­ing series that really does not dis­ap­point its fans. This goes to show that with great sto­ries and comic art, tran­si­tions of video games to comic for­mat can be a suc­cess­ful for­mula if all involved par­ties focus on qual­ity not quan­tity. Udon did it, and you can, too, Cap­com. I’m look­ing at you, Kenzo Tsujimoto.

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