Top 5 on The Strip: Batman films

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight (2008): Visu­ally, this wasn’t much to look at, but the act­ing is what takes cen­ter stage. Heath Ledger stole the show right from under Chris­t­ian Bale, and Aaron Eck­hart is no joke as Har­vey Dent/Two Face. Every­thing about it screams seri­ous and dark, which is fitting.


Batman 1989

Bat­man (1989): As the first in the movie fran­chise, Bat­man set the course for the first two films and showed why the Dark Knight is a force to be reck­oned with. Yeah, so peo­ple com­plained about Michael Keaton. He more than shows that he was a more-than-competent Bat­man. Also, Jack Nicholson’s malev­o­lent Joker was a scene-stealer, which shouldn’t be hard to do as the Clown Prince of Crime.


Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises (2012): The finale in the sec­ond Bat­man tril­ogy of films is well-worth the price of going to the movies these days. Anne Hath­away was a ser­vice­able Cat­woman and Tom Hardy was per­fect as Bane. Chris­t­ian Bale was still good, and we even could get with the plot despite never hav­ing read the Bane-particular parts of the comic. Engag­ing is the right word for the final Bat­man with Christo­pher Nolan at the helm.


Batman Forever

Bat­man For­ever (1995): Sure, it’s car­toony and could use some cheesi­ness grated out of it, but the one turn of Val Kilmer in the tights actu­ally isn’t that bad. It’s obvi­ous that he didn’t really want to be Bat­man, but the atmos­phere is inter­est­ing and the visual style is a wel­come change from Tim Burton’s pre­vi­ous efforts. Jim Car­rey was per­fect for the role of the Rid­dler, too.


Batman Returns

Bat­man Returns (1992): We’ve thrown around the term “Too Many Vil­lains Syn­drome” a lot in The Strip, and Returns is the prog­en­i­tor of that afflic­tion. How­ever, Burton’s dark gritty style is all over this, and it makes a great deal of dif­fer­ence between a mar­ginal effort and some­thing that shines despite its prob­lems. And, Michelle Pfeif­fer is hot as Catwoman.

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