Anime Lounge #05: Kaicho wa Maid Sama Ep. 1–12

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Series: Kai­cho wa Maid Sama

Episodes: 1 to 12

Anime-LoungePremise: Mis­aki Ayuzawa is the stu­dent coun­cil pres­i­dent at a for­merly all-boys high school. She also works at a maid cafe on the side to earn money to sup­port her fam­ily. Mis­aki has prob­lems relat­ing to the male mem­bers of her class so she comes off a lit­tle more than brusque and over­bear­ing. One of her class­mates, Usui Takumi, hap­pens upon her by chance as she’s being intim­i­dated by a group of men. It just so hap­pens that he comes to her res­cue as she’s work­ing so he learns her secret. Thus begins the saga of Mis­aki and Usui, she try­ing to keep her secret and he try­ing to get her to open up to him. It’s pretty obvi­ous from the begin­ning that Usui is in love with Mis­aki but she’s about the only per­son in the cast that doesn’t real­ize it.

Is it worth watch­ing?: Yes. It’s a fun story about maid cafes and hard­work­ing stu­dents. Also, with the “she’s in love but doesn’t know it yet” angle, it’s worth keep­ing up with the series just to see when Mis­aki will make the con­nec­tion between her­self and Usui’s con­tin­ued pres­ence and actions.

Break­out char­ac­ter: Usui Takumi. Yes, you could make the case for the cross-dressing Aoi, but he doesn’t exactly inspire the way Usui does as the lead. Besides, Aoi is just a kid who man­ages to show up and try to grab atten­tion that he doesn’t really need. He’s cute enough already. Usui has that lead­ing man act down by the third episode and never really lets up after that.

Fun­ni­est episode: Episode 6 — Man, Ayuzawa School! — Mis­aki man­ages to have her photo taken as a maid and Usui finally says some­thing to her after the photo gets out into the open. Not to spoil it, but expect romance in this episode and Usui nearly killing him­self try­ing to be romantic.

Where it’s going: Just who is going to find out — if ever — that Mis­aki is a maid is the future. And will Mis­aki and Usui ever get together?

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