Top 5 list: Worst comic book movies

Chances are, if you’re comic book fanat­ics like we are at Gam­ing Insur­rec­tion, you’ve seen one of the movies on this list. If you soak up over­act­ing, tired drama and non­sen­si­cal plots with ham­fisted writ­ing, you’ve seen every­thing on this list and prob­a­bly have them mem­o­rized. These are five of the worst comic book movies ever made. This list is also not defin­i­tive because there are more where these came from.


Vin­cent Perez and Mia Kirschner star in The Crow: City of Angels.

The Crow: City of Angels (1996)

You know how the first Crow movie was awe­some because Bran­don Lee was in it and seemed to embody Eric? Unfor­tu­nately, some­one thought mak­ing a sec­ond movie and con­tin­u­ing the fran­chise after the death of the star was a good idea. It wasn’t. Not only did the film­mak­ers man­age to besmirch the mem­ory of Lee with a ter­ri­ble, unat­tached story, but they also made a mock­ery of the orig­i­nal screen­play and con­cept, which came from the pain of a tragic event in author James O’Barr’s life. And don’t get us started on the ridicu­lous act­ing from Vin­cent Perez, who has man­aged to ruin another favorite series of ours, too: Queen of the Damned.


Ali­cia Sil­ver­stone, George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell star in Bat­man & Robin.

Bat­man & Robin (1997)

The fourth Bat­man movie is among the list of the worst movies over­all ever made. Noth­ing makes sense about the movie. Between Uma Thur­man and Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger over­act­ing and George Clooney under­act­ing, noth­ing works. Even though we’re fans of Ali­cia Sil­ver­stone, an “it girl” of the day, she really didn’t do much for the film, either. Most tellingly, Clooney is NOT Bat­man. He’s not Bat­man mate­r­ial, and he never will be. As a mat­ter of fact, we’d ven­ture to say that this is the rea­son for the Bat­man reboot with Chris­t­ian Bale. Clooney, an OK actor oth­er­wise, will for­ever be known as the man who ran Bat­man into the ground.


Jen­nifer Gar­ner stars in Elektra.

Elek­tra (2005)

If you can watch a trailer and noth­ing in those 30 sec­onds makes you want to watch a movie, you know it’s doomed to fail before it even gets started. That’s the case with Elek­tra. Jen­nifer Gar­ner can’t act. That’s a fact, plain and sim­ple, and she looks noth­ing like the Mar­vel char­ac­ter what­so­ever. So, Elek­tra was a waste. And you know Hol­ly­wood knows it because there hasn’t been a sequel. At least she and her hus­band, Ben Affleck, have some­thing in com­mon: Both starred in bad comic movies.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur­tles 3 was released in 1992.

TMNT 3 (1992)

We’ve cov­ered exten­sively why this movie was a fail­ure on all fronts, but it bears repeat­ing: The movie sucks. It has noth­ing to do with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur­tles in any way, shape or form. Lyn­d­sey really did sit through the movie in the­aters in 1992 when it was released and at no point in the first 20 min­utes did she think she was in the cor­rect movie. While we’re delighted with the return of Casey Jones in the film — after he was strangely miss­ing in the sec­ond movie — there should have been some­thing bet­ter for him to return to.


Halle Berry, Patrick Stew­art, Hugh Jack­man and Ian McKel­lan star in X-Men: The Last Stand.

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Gam­ing Insur­rec­tion as a whole doesn’t get mad at movies often, but X3 man­aged that feat about half the way through. Non­sen­si­cal plot points, altered estab­lished canon, blink-and-you-missed-it char­ac­ter cameos and a dis­jointed focus make for one of the worst comic book films ever. We’re not ask­ing for much, but DO NOT change char­ac­ter back­story for the sake of a lead actor. That is a car­di­nal rule for movies based on estab­lished prop­er­ties, and the X-Men have a well-discussed his­tory that should not be changed in a penul­ti­mate film. We love Hugh Jack­man, but no. Dou­ble no for mak­ing a rela­tion­ship that never hap­pened in the comics a promi­nent focus of your film. And triple no for screw­ing over Pro­fes­sor X. Direc­tor Brett Rat­ner should be left atop an ant mound cov­ered in sugar for the trav­esty that is X3.

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