Marvel character highlight #06: Rogue

Name: Anna Marie

Affil­i­a­tion: X-Men, Broth­er­hood of Evil Mutants

Spe­cial abil­i­ties: Absorbs — some­times per­ma­nently — the life force and psy­che of an indi­vid­ual that she touches with skin-to-skin con­tact. With absorp­tion from mutants, Rogue can tem­porar­ily or per­ma­nently use the pow­ers of the indi­vid­ual, depend­ing on the length of time that she main­tains contact.

Back­ground: Rogue began life in the Mis­sis­sippi bayou. At the age of 14, she began see­ing a young man named Cody Rob­bins. When she kissed him for the first time, her mutant pow­ers man­i­fested and caused him to fall into a per­ma­nent coma. After she ran away from home, Rogue was taken in and raised by adop­tive mother Mys­tique, leader of the Evil Broth­er­hood of Mutants. Within this home, Rogue com­mit­ted crimes under the guise of Mys­tique and her brood. It was then that she encoun­tered Carol Dan­vers, bet­ter known as the mutant Ms. Mar­vel. Dur­ing a fight with Dan­vers, she per­ma­nently absorbed Marvel’s pow­ers and gained super strength and flight. She also gained her psy­che, which slowly took over Rogue’s body.

After sev­eral bat­tles with the X-Men, allies of Ms. Mar­vel, Rogue joined the group to learn to bet­ter con­trol her pow­ers. She also had begun wear­ing a pro­tec­tive suit to avoid acci­den­tally hurt­ing oth­ers. Her admis­sion to the group was rocky at first, but she soon was trusted enough to lead as a field com­man­der and her own team. Rogue has been at times depow­ered and main­tained a rela­tion­ship with fel­low X-Man Gam­bit. This rela­tion­ship has proved to be a pop­u­lar and fre­quent part­ner­ship among the group of mutants.

Rela­tion­ships: Remy LeBeau (Gam­bit), lover; Erik Lesh­err (Mag­neto), lover; Raven Dark­holme et al (Mys­tique), adop­tive mother; Kurt Wag­ner (Night­crawler), adop­tive brother; Gray­don Creed, adop­tive brother.

First ver­sus game appear­ance: X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Appear­ances in other media: Mar­vel vs. Cap­com (arcade), Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 2 (arcade), X-Men vs. Street Fighter (arcade), X-Men (Gen­e­sis), X-Men: Mojo World (Game Gear), X-Men: Mutant Acad­emy 2 (PlaySta­tion), X-Men: Next Dimen­sion (PlaySta­tion 2, Game­cube), X2: Wolverine’s Revenge (mul­ti­plat­form), Spider-Man 2: Enter Elec­tro (PlaySta­tion),  X-Men Leg­ends (mul­ti­plat­form), X-Men Leg­ends II: Rise of Apoc­a­lypse (mul­ti­plat­form), X-Men (film), X2: X-Men United (film), X-Men: The Last Stand (film), X-Men the Ani­mated Series (tele­vi­sion), X-Men Evo­lu­tion (tele­vi­sion), Wolver­ine and the X-Men (television).

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