Top 5 list: Best mutant powers edition


Invisible force field aura

As the Man of Steel can attest, his force field is just that: a coating of steel. It takes a lot to harm the blue-and-red savior of Metropolis and mostly what can hurt him is not of Earth. His natural Kryptonian invisible aura has saved his life on more than one occasion.




The blue devil-looking X-Man of Marvel teleports himself and others by accessing another dimension. Just the fact that he can access this “other place” negates the supposed rotten egg smell that is associated with his ability. Bampf, indeed.


Dr. Manhattan/DC

Dr. Manhattan
Time and molecular shifting

Created by a physics accident in 1959, Dr. Manhattan is one of the world’s most prominent superheroes. He’s also able to  see the past and the future relative to him, and he can create or destroy on a molecular level. Blue-skinned, hot and genius-minded, Dr. Manhattan is DC’s Cronos.



Molecular shifting

Even though the Marvel villain has altered the future and the past on many occasions, Apocalypse is still awesome. His ability to shift his mass and size at will makes him one of the world’s most dangerous if not unbeatable foes. His mutant ability has also allowed him to live for more than 5,000 years.


Charles Xavier/Marvel

Charles Xavier
Mind reading

The smartest man in the world and an omega-level mutant, Professor X ’s intelligence and mind-reading ability make him a great ally for peace and a beyond-dangerous foe if he ever went evil (read: Onslaught).

All photos courtesy of the Marvel and DC Wikia sites

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