Top 5 List: Most useless villains edition

Every vil­lain has a use­less­ness level. On a scale of 1 to 10, if you make good on your master’s plans and actu­ally accom­plish the death of a super­hero, you’re closer to 1. If you can’t get the job done, you’re mov­ing a lit­tle higher on the scale. And trust us, both comic pow­er­houses have a few on the higher end.

Loco­mo­tive Breath/Marvel

Loco­mo­tive Breath (Mar­vel)
Fought: War Machine
Use­less level: 6
With a name like Loco­mo­tive Breath, it’s only a mat­ter of time before you have put up or shut up. He did nei­ther and that’s why he only appeared in two issues before dis­ap­pear­ing back into obscu­rity. He may have been an Eter­nal but, really, his name stops any seri­ous dis­cus­sion about mis­deeds cold.


DeSaad (DC)
Fought: Super­man
Use­less level: 1
As the right-hand man to Man of Steel arch neme­sis Dark­seid, DeSaad actu­ally did some pretty nasty deeds in the name of evil and his master’s wrath. If he’d only bro­ken off a lit­tle sooner, he could have avoided the beat­down Dark­seid liked to inflict for fail­ure. Oth­er­wise, DeSaad was a bad man that played both sides of the coin when it came to the chance for more power.


The Quin­tes­sons (Trans­form­ers)
Fought: Auto­bots and Decep­ti­cons
Use­less level: 3
More annoy­ing than use­less, the Quin­tes­sons were actu­ally dan­ger­ous. They served as the judges, jury and exe­cu­tion­ers for the war­ring fac­tions that used to live on Cybertron. If you want to see the extent of their use­ful­ness, watch the 1986 ani­mated movie. They weren’t too bad there and actu­ally served a pur­pose such as con­demn­ing every­one to die.


Sil­ver­mane (Mar­vel)
Fought: Spider-Man
Use­less level: 4
Sil­ver­mane is actu­ally kind of cool. He employs a bionic body, aging and de-aging abil­i­ties and takes on King­pin for con­trol of his crim­i­nal empire. Because of his age, he takes on his crim­i­nal name. Not bad, old-timer. Not bad.

Edgar Plunder/Marvel

Edgar Plun­der (Mar­vel)
Fought: Cap­tain Amer­ica
Use­less level: 7
OK, the name is a keeper but he was still use­less. If you’re going to fight Cap­tain Amer­ica at least have the sense to do some­thing amaz­ing. But he hasn’t. He’s done noth­ing remark­able other than have an imper­son­ator that was killed by the Pun­isher. Bor­ing. Who hasn’t been killed or threat­ened by the Punisher?

All pho­tos cour­tesy of the Mar­vel and DC Wikia sites

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