Marvel character highlight #24: Iron Man

Name: Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark

Alias: Iron Man, Golden Glad­i­a­tor, Bullet-Head, Golden Avenger, Armored Avenger, Spare Parts Man, Crim­son Dynamo, Tet­su­jin, Hogan Potts, Anthony of York, Ran­dall Pierce, Cobalt Man, Man of Iron, Tin Man, “Irene,” Elec­tro, T, Mas­ter of Machines, Space-Knight, Richard Franco, Mar­tini, “Iron Pig” (Source: Mar­vel Data­base)

Affil­i­a­tion: The Avengers, Stark Indus­tries, S.H.I.E.L.D., Stark Unlim­ited, Red Team, Avengers (Heroes Reborn), Illu­mi­nati, Axis, Stark Resilient, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ini­tia­tive (leader), Pro-Registration Super­hero Unit (leader), New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Hell­fire Club, Stark Solu­tions, Force Works, Avengers West Coast, United States Depart­ment of Defense, the Mighty, Knights of the Atomic Round Table, Alco­holics Anony­mous, Dam­age Con­trol, Impe­rio Tech­works (Source: Mar­vel Data­base)

Spe­cial abil­i­ties: Super genius-level intel­lect, which has allowed Stark to amass mul­ti­ple PhDs in physics and engi­neer­ing. Stark is a mas­ter engi­neer, an expert at tac­ti­cal analy­sis and busi­ness decision-making, and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Back­ground: Adopted by indus­tri­al­ist Howard Stark and wife Maria, Tony Stark started life as the child of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who gave him up as an infant. Tony lived life as a loner, going to board­ing school and then on to the Mass­a­chu­setts Insti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy, where he eas­ily topped his class and grad­u­ated vale­dic­to­rian at 17. With the death of his par­ents at 21, Stark took over fam­ily busi­ness and pushed the com­pany to new heights.

While demon­strat­ing arma­ments on a trip abroad to Afghanistan, Stark was cap­tured and crit­i­cally injured by a ter­ror­ist. Tak­ing advan­tage of his cap­tiv­ity, Stark and another sci­en­tist held at the same time designed an armored suit and pace­maker for Stark to use to escape. Stark was suc­cess­ful, meet­ing Air Force pilot James Rhodes dur­ing this time. Stark made it back to the United States and showed off the tech­nol­ogy for the suit to the pub­lic with­out also reveal­ing his iden­tity in the suit. Stark later joined the Avengers ini­tia­tive after mak­ing the deci­sion to use the suit for the forces of good and was part of the effort to locate Steve Rogers, who was still frozen in ice after World War II.

Rela­tion­ships: Howard Anthony Stark (adop­tive father), Maria Stark (adop­tive mother), Pep­per Potts (love inter­est, sec­re­tary), “Happy” Hogan (friend), James Rhodes (War Machine, friend), Amanda Arm­strong (bio­log­i­cal mother), Jude (bio­log­i­cal father)

First Ver­sus appear­ance: Mar­vel Super Heroes

Appear­ances in other media:

Tele­vi­sion: The Mar­vel Super Heroes, Spider-Man and His Amaz­ing Friends, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Fan­tas­tic Four, Spider-Man (1990s ani­mated), The Incred­i­ble Hulk, The Avengers: United They Stand, Iron Man: Armored Adven­tures, Fan­tas­tic Four: World’s Great­est Heroes, The Super Hero Squad Show, The Avengers: Earth’s Might­i­est Heroes, Mar­vel Anime: X-Men, Mar­vel Anime: Iron Man, Ulti­mate Spider-Man, Lego Mar­vel Super Heroes: Max­i­mum Over­load, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Phineas and Ferb: Mis­sion Mar­vel, Avengers Assem­ble, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Mar­vel Disk Wars: The Avengers, Lego Mar­vel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassem­bled, Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel’s Spider-Man

Live-action film: Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War, Spider-Man: Home­com­ing, Avengers: Infin­ity War, Avengers: Endgame, The Incred­i­ble Hulk, The Consultant

Ani­ma­tion: Ulti­mate Avengers, Ulti­mate Avengers 2, The Invin­ci­ble Iron Man, Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomor­row, Planet Hulk, Iron Man: Rise of Tech­novore, Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United, Iron Man & Cap­tain Amer­ica: Heroes United, Avengers Con­fi­den­tial: Black Widow & Pun­isher, Mar­vel Super Hero Adven­tures: Frost Fight, Lego Mar­vel Super Heroes – Black Pan­ther: Trou­ble in Wakanda, Ralph Breaks the Internet

Video games: Cap­tain Amer­ica and the Avengers, Mar­vel Super Heroes in War of the Gems, Mar­vel Super Heroes, Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 2: New Age of Heroes, Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Avengers in Galac­tic Storm, Iron Man and X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal, The Invin­ci­ble Iron Man, Tony Hawk’s Under­ground, Pun­isher, X-Men Leg­ends II: Rise of Apoc­a­lypse, Mar­vel Neme­sis: Rise of the Imper­fects, Mar­vel: Ulti­mate Alliance, Iron Man, The Incred­i­ble Hulk, Mar­vel: Ulti­mate Alliance 2, Mar­vel Super Hero Squad, Mar­vel Super Hero Squad 2, Iron Man 2, Iron Man pin­ball, Ulti­mate Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 3, Lit­tleBig­Planet, Mar­vel Super Hero Squad Online, Mar­vel Super Hero Squad: Comic Com­bat, Mar­vel: Avengers Alliance, Mar­vel Avengers: Bat­tle for Earth, Mar­vel Heroes, Lego Mar­vel Super Heroes, Lego Marvel’s Avengers, Mar­vel Avengers Alliance Tac­tics, Mar­vel: Con­test of Cham­pi­ons, Dis­ney Infin­ity: Mar­vel Super Heroes, Mar­vel: Future Fight, Mar­vel Avengers Acad­emy, Avengers: Infin­ity War, Mar­vel vs. Cap­com: Infinite

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