Top 5 on The Strip: Things wrong with the Super Mario Bros. movie

Mario and Luigi

John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins as Luigi and Mario.

1. Their names aren’t Mario and Luigi Mario
Accord­ing to the author­i­ta­tive guide to all things Mario – – the script called for the Mario Bros. to have a last name. The char­ac­ters were never given names in the game series and the pro­duc­ers decided that because they were the Mario Bros., their last name must be Mario. Accord­ing to the site, cre­ator Shigeru Miyamoto was quoted in Game Informer as hav­ing “laughed rather loudly” when he heard this info.


Samantha Mathis as Princess Daisy

Saman­tha Mathis as Princess Daisy

2. Princess Daisy is not the ruler of the Mush­room King­dom
Princess Daisy, first intro­duced in the Game Boy’s Mario Land, does not rule the Mush­room King­dom; she’s the leader of Sarasa­land. Luigi isn’t even present in the game, though he later devel­ops a rela­tion­ship with her as Mario and Peach’s counterparts.


Thwomp Stompers as worn by Big Bertha.

Thwomp Stom­pers as worn by Big Bertha.

3. The Mario Bros. nat­u­rally jumped high, with­out the need for spe­cial boots
The weird jump boots in the movie really had noth­ing to do with Mario games. Also, Big Bertha is a fish in the game, not an actual woman.




4. Goom­bas are not rep­tiles of any kind
We’re not sure why the goom­bas were made to be tall reptilian-like crea­tures when they’re lit­er­ally liv­ing mush­rooms gone bad.


Dennis Hopper as King Bowser Koopa.

Den­nis Hop­per as King Bowser Koopa.

5. Bowser isn’t a lizard crea­ture; he’s a tur­tle
While Den­nis Hop­per made a believ­able Bowser, King of the Koopas, sadly, he isn’t a lizard. Bowser has been con­firmed to be an evil tur­tle with a spiked shell.

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