Top 5 on The Strip: Burning anime questions

Big O

1. Big O

What was the event that caused the amne­sia 40 years before?

It’s hinted that an event caused every­one in Par­a­digm City to lose their mem­o­ries. Every so often the city resets itself, but it’s also explained that a world­wide cat­a­stro­phe is the cause of the amne­sia, and that real­ity in the series is a vir­tual real­ity that resets because of Angel. Also, there is spec­u­la­tion that Roger Smith aka The Nego­tia­tor is a robot, but it is never confirmed.


2. OreImo

Which girl did the main char­ac­ter wind up with? And did his par­ents ever approve of his sister’s eroge collection?

The main char­ac­ter, Kyosuke, basi­cally enters a harem sit­u­a­tion with sev­eral girls in his life, includ­ing his sis­ter, Kirino. All squick­i­ness aside about the poten­tial incest angle, the sit­u­a­tion with the girls proves a point about sib­lings grow­ing apart and then com­ing together again with matu­rity. As a side note, their par­ents find out that Kirino is an otaku and col­lects eroge but Kyosuke man­ages to defuse the sit­u­a­tion and save Kirino’s eroge col­lec­tion. The main ques­tion there, how­ever, is did her par­ents ever real­ize that the eroge col­lec­tion was, in fact, Kirino’s and that she still had it?

Cowboy Bebop

3. Cow­boy Bebop

Did Spike actu­ally die at the end?

Spec­u­la­tion has run ram­pant that Spike Spiegel, the main char­ac­ter of Cow­boy Bebop, didn’t die in the final duel that he has with antagonist/main rival Vicious. Accord­ing to some fans, Spike man­aged to sur­vive his gun­shot wounds after being shot down in the cli­mac­tic clash at the Vicious’ head­quar­ters and lived to see another bounty. Per­son­ally, we don’t believe so. He was very clearly shown to be dead as well as Vicious and the woman they were fight­ing for. Spike knew the bat­tle was going to end one way and there was no com­ing back to Jet and the Bebop.

Legend of Korra

4. Avatar: The Leg­end of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender

Who is Suyin Beifong’s father? Who is the mother of Zuko’s daughter?

Pop­u­lar char­ac­ters from Avatar: The Last Air­ben­der Toph Bei­fong and Fire Lord Zuko each present some inter­est­ing ques­tions in rela­tion to their future off­spring. It’s stated that Toph has two chil­dren that you see in the series, Repub­lic City Chief of Police Lin Bei­fong and Zaofu matri­arch Suyin Bei­fong. The women men­tion sep­a­rately that they have dif­fer­ent fathers that nei­ther knew. While Lin’s father is briefly talked about, Suyin’s is not. Zuko, on the other hand, is shown to be in a rela­tion­ship with Mai at the end of The Last Air­ben­der and to have a daugh­ter who takes on the Fire Lord throne in Leg­end of Korra. This begs the ques­tion of who is the mother of his daugh­ter, Mai or some­one else? These ques­tions are never answered.


5. Bleach

Does Aizen actu­ally carry out the full 20,000-year sentence?

While we do know that Sosuke Aizen is sen­tenced to his long stay in prison at the end of his arc in Bleach, we don’t know if he will ever carry out the full sen­tence. It’s prob­a­ble that the vil­lain will, given that souls do not die or age like nor­mal in Soul Soci­ety and he was empow­ered by the Hōgyoku, which ren­ders the per­son infused with it effec­tively immor­tal. Even though he was let out of prison in the final act of Bleach, it’s implied that he was effec­tively held to serve the entire sentence.

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