Marvel Character Highlight #13: Silver Samurai

Name: Kenui­chio Haradasilversamurai

Affil­i­a­tion: HYDRA, Big Hero Six, Viper, Man­drill, Yashida Clan

Spe­cial abil­i­ties: Sil­ver Samu­rai has the abil­ity to gen­er­ate a tachyon field through him­self, though he can project the energy through any­thing he chooses. Fre­quently, he chooses a katana, which can cut through vir­tu­ally any sub­stance known to man (exclud­ing adaman­tium). Sil­ver Samu­rai is also a mas­ter of Ken­jutsu — the art of wield­ing a katana — and Bushido.

Back­ground: Kenui­chio Harada began life as the ille­git­i­mate son of Yashida clan boss Shin­gen Harada. He began his crim­i­nal career with the Man­drill then moved on to work­ing with HYDRA’s Viper as her body­guard. Harada then looked to take over the Yashida clan after the death of his father but came into con­flict with his half-sister, Mariko Yashida, and Wolver­ine. When Mariko was killed, he did claim lead­er­ship of the clan but lost it to a Mon­go­lian war­lord. After los­ing his lead­er­ship posi­tion, he returned to crim­i­nal activ­ity and was brain­washed by the mutant Blindspot to for­get his dal­liance into super hero activ­i­ties. Harada then returned to HYDRA and fought Elek­tra. He was thought to be killed but sur­vived and turned up again try­ing to take over the Yakuza. He worked briefly as the head of secu­rity for the prime min­is­ter of Japan and then fought Wolver­ine after the events of M-Day. The two fought until Wolver­ine cut off his hand at the wrist. Sil­ver Samu­rai was later killed by nin­jas in an attack on his home. His son, Shin­gen Harada, later took up the mantle.

Rela­tion­ships: Shin­gen Harada (father), Mariko Yashida (half-sister), Wolver­ine (James Howlett, for­mer brother-in-law), sec­ond Sil­ver Samu­rai (Shin­gen “Shin” Harada, son)

First Ver­sus game appear­ance: X-Men: Chil­dren of the Atom

Appear­ances in other media: X-Men (ani­mated, 1996), Wolver­ine and the X-Men (ani­mated, 2009), X-Men: The Offi­cial Game (mul­ti­plat­form, 2006), Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 2 (2000, multiplatform)

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