Top 5 on The Strip: WTF lines from Ultimate Avengers

BY JAMIE MOSLEY/Gaming Insurrection

Is there any­thing bet­ter than watch­ing your favorite super­heroes using their super­pow­ers to save the world from cer­tain doom? The answer: Yes, lis­ten­ing to those same super­heroes deliver some of the best and mem­o­rable lines you will hear at some of the best moments in Marvel’s Ulti­mate Avengers ani­mated film. This quar­ter, we salute the Avengers crew’s witty deliv­ery in the face of danger.

Tony Stark (to Black Widow): “I’m free for night­caps later. Inter­ested? You can bring your gun.”

A bil­lion­aire by day and Iron Man by night, Stark is known to have a soft spot for the ladies. He has never met a woman who has resisted him or that would ever turn him down. So, when the Black Widow meets Mr. Mon­ey­bags and undresses him using her gun, the bil­lion­aire isn’t turned off, mak­ing him more hard­core than that other bil­lion­aire who wears a cape.

Bruce: “Any questions?”

Lab work­ers raise hands

Bruce: “Any ques­tions not about the Hulk?”

Lab work­ers lower hands.

This genius is known for his bril­liant mind and his hulk­ing desire to destroy when he is angry. He is will­ing to do what­ever it takes to be with the love of his life, Betty. That includes lead­ing a lab try­ing to rede­velop the Super Sol­dier Serum. Some­times, peo­ple in his lab just ask too many questions.

After tak­ing a beat­ing from Hulk, Cap­tain Amer­ica walks up to the Hulk.

Cap­tain Amer­ica: “Hey! We are not done yet!”

Cap­tain Amer­ica then punches Hulk in the face … twice.

This all-American sol­dier is known for inspir­ing every­one — team mem­bers and read­ers alike — to be the best per­son you can be. But Cap also prac­tices what he preaches.

Thor: “… and though we are but peace­ful pro­test­ers, do not assume that we can­not be provoked.”

Whale hunter shoots at Thor

Thor: “ Like that.”

Light­ning and wind bat­ters the hunters

The son of Odin is no pushover. But, he doesn’t openly look for fights; he fights for only what he believes in. So, Thor, who, is from Nor­way — one of two coun­tries that still hunts whales — is help­ing a group of peo­ple pro­tect the whales from whale hunters. A noble cause, indeed. And all protests are peace­ful unless he is provoked

Giant Man (while hold­ing Hulk in his hand): “You’re still a lit­tle man, Ban­ner. Now, knock it off or I’m gonna squish you.”

Hulk breaks the hold and grabs Giant Man by the neck. Hulk then punches Hank in the knee, break­ing it.

The Hulk doesn’t have to speak for you to under­stand what he wants. You just know when he looks at you to either run or hope that Hulk is dis­tracted by the time he gets to you. In fact, Hulk is the only per­son on the list who doesn’t have an actual spo­ken line. Hardcore.

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