Top 5 list: Best Shredder quotes edition

Oroku Saki. Vil­lain. Genius. Comedic mas­ter­mind? The 1987 ani­mated ver­sion of the Shred­der was cru­cial to the mood, tone and pop­u­lar­ity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur­tles. Whether it was James Avery’s clas­sic quick deliv­ery or the tim­ing of a well-placed oral jab to those Tur­tle boys, Shred­der always seemed one step ahead in his plans and his ver­bal jousts. Here are five of the best one-liners from “guy who never has to look for a can opener.”

“Tonight I dine on tur­tle soup.” – The penul­ti­mate quote has made its way into the 1987 ani­mated show, the comic and the games.

“Say­onara you shell-backed sim­ple­tons.” – This insult, thrown out to the Tur­tles as Shred­der was get­ting away for the mil­lionth time, made Lyn­d­sey pause a VHS and ask her mom: 1. What is a sim­ple­ton? 2. What does say­onara mean? and 3. Why is Shred­der so awe­some? Edu­ca­tional and inspiring.

I bor­rowed your Alien Express card. I never leave the Techn­odrome with­out it.” – Refer­ring to co-conspirator Krang’s abil­ity to pay for tech­nol­ogy, Shred­der evoked mod­ern adver­tise­ment to explain how he gets away with bor­row­ing stuff and never pay­ing for it dur­ing the seven sea­sons he wreaked havoc on New York City.

“Cre­atins” “Blasted tur­tles” “Fools” “Wretched rep­tiles” “Idiot(s)” – Shredder’s favorite words to describe his help, his neme­sis and his help. In that order. Watch a video of his quotes on YouTube and these will show up quite often.

“Blast that grotesque gan­glion!” – A nice way to refer to Krang. Shred­der was capa­ble of big words that required view­ers to think. It’s nice to have an intel­li­gent super vil­lain who could make you laugh while hatch­ing world dom­i­na­tion plans.

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