Marvel character highlight #02: Omega Red

NAME: Arkady Gregorivich

AFFILIATION: Red Mafia, Upstarts, The Hand

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can project Car­bona­dium ten­ta­cles from his wrists; drains life force from liv­ing beings to regen­er­ate  energy.

BACKGROUND:  Arkady Gre­gorivich was once an impris­oned ser­ial killer in his native Rus­sia. Instead of killing him the KGB attempted to make a super sol­dier and sub­jected him to exper­i­ments. These tri­als gave him mutant pow­ers through car­bona­dium implants and genetic treat­ments. The down­side of the exper­i­ments was that he was now required to sur­vive off of vic­tims’ life energy. Omega Red was then placed in sus­pended ani­ma­tion until he was revived after the fall of the Soviet Union. Since his re-emergence, he has taken on foes such as Wolver­ine, Kitty Pryde and Spider-Man.

RELATIONSHIPS: Wolver­ine, neme­sis; Saber­tooth, neme­sis; X-Men, nemesis

FIRST VERSUS GAME APPEARANCE: Mar­vel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

APPEARANCES IN OTHER MEDIA: X-Men the Ani­mated Series (tele­vi­sion), X-Men Evo­lu­tion (tele­vi­sion), X-Men: Mutant Apoc­a­lypse (SNES), X-Men: Chil­dren of the Atom (arcade), Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 2 (arcade), X2: Wolverine’s Revenge (mul­ti­plat­form), X-Men Leg­ends II: Rise of Apoc­a­lypse (mul­ti­plat­form), Hulk Vs. (multiplatform)

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