Strip Talk #01: True Believer

Thanks, Beeb, for mak­ing a ‘true believer’

Lyn­d­sey Mosley, editor-in-chief

If comic book expe­ri­ences were the barom­e­ter of my matu­rity as a per­son, I would be a late bloomer. I didn’t get into the print ani­mated side of life until I was 8 years old. I was a youngling inter­ested in get­ting away from the monot­ony of the gro­cery store with my mother when I dis­cov­ered Archie comic books in the check­out line. I soaked up the adven­tures of Archie, Jug­head, Betty, Veron­ica and the gang.

From there, I jumped into early Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur­tles tales. Already a huge fan (and still am) of the orig­i­nal car­toon series, the four green dudes with atti­tudes cap­ti­vated my read­ing atten­tion for years. It wasn’t until I dis­cov­ered that my artist uncle held the comic book world in his domain that any­thing like Mar­vel or DC caught my attention.

My uncle Beeb is a phe­nom­e­nal artist. He is one of the few peo­ple I know that can look at some­thing and repro­duce it with­out trou­ble. He doesn’t trace; he draws it by sight. He works with all kinds of mate­ri­als, be it paints or pen­cils or even crayons. Comics are his favorites, really. He can recre­ate almost any panel he sees with ease.

So as a small child you can imag­ine my delight when I real­ized he had a comic stash tucked away for his own read­ing enjoy­ment. When I vis­ited my grand­mother, which was nearly every­day, I was free to read his comics as long as I didn’t dam­age them. It was through him that I learned that the art of comic book sto­ry­telling was a sacred thing, some­thing to be revered and respected with the utmost care.

It was also through him that I learned that vis­it­ing comic book shops were almost like going to church. My phi­los­o­phy: You take every­thing in when you get there and there is always a les­son to be learned. With his guid­ance I began learn­ing about the X-Men, Super­man and Bat­man. Out of those, the X-Men intrigued me the most. And it’s because of Beeb that I am blessed with the immense knowl­edge of comics that I have acquired over the years.

Thanks, Beeb.

Lyn­d­sey Mosley is the edi­tor of Gam­ing Insur­rec­tion. Con­tact her at

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