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Lyndsey Beatty
With cold weather upon us and the new year already here and roaring, Gaming Insurrection is super excited. We're entering our 22nd year of existence and our 19th year of continuous operation. I was 20 years old and nearing the end of my journalism schooling when I co-founded GI with Marcus Barnes. I'm pleased to see that though I've changed careers, GI remains viable and something cool to do as a hobby.

In the service of keeping GI on its toes, we've been traveling as a part of a planned three-tale saga about barcades. The newest trend in the arcade scene is to mix alcohol and arcade cabinets, and GI is on top of it with a first visit to Super Abari Game Bar in Charlotte, N.C. We took a look around during two separate visits to get a feel for the bar and reminisce about the days of yore when we could go play Mortal Kombat and other favorites with joysticks and couldn't drink. The neat thing is we now can, and it was a blast on both trips. We show off our findings in the feature this issue.

Finding arcades in this day and age is a hard-fought endeavor, and it's safe to say we were lucky. We'll keep up the good fight with other trips, but please do enjoy our sojourn north.

Enjoy the issue!
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Lyndsey Beatty
Lyndsey Beatty is co-founder and editor-in-chief of GI. She enjoys binge watching TV with her husband, editing as part of the Uppercut Editions team and playing various retro video games. Lyndsey resides in Columbia, S.C., and is an accounting auditor for the state of South Carolina.
bRANDON Beatty
Brandon Beatty is editor-at-large for GI. Brandon writes reviews when the mood strikes him, produces the  Otaku Corner column for The Strip and spends a significant amount of time watching new and old anime alike with his wife. Brandon resides in Columbia, S.C., and is a security specialist for the state of South Carolina.