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Lyndsey Beatty
What's good guys and gals? Thankfully, summer has ended, and it's time to start cooling off finally. We love the fall around these parts and with cooler weather and Halloween just around the corner, we thought we'd delve into the spooky games we love and hate this issue.

We've been fans of Capcom's Vampire series for many years at this point, and we love sharing that passion and love for it with everyone! Darkstalkers, as the series is known here in the U.S., is one of the best fighting games not called Street Fighter that has come out of Capcom. That's saying a lot since it also has the heavy hitters of Rival Schools and Marvel vs. Capcom in its repertoire. Vampire combines campy gothic horror and macabre with a fun fighting system and recognizable fighters that everyone should be familiar with at this point. Because GI considers itself a connoisseur of fighting games in particular, this issue delves deep into the lore and mystery surrounding the frightful fighting fest of yesteryear.

While we're at it, we get down in the sewers with the newest TMNT game to rise up and float: TMNT: Shredder's Revenge. It's a fun sequel beat-'em-up that trades on the nostalgia you immediately feel as a child of the '80s who loved the lean green machine. If you were like me and camped out in the living room after school to catch episodes of the radical '80s cartoon, you're going to love the game just as much as we do.

We hope all of the spookiness is joyful and frightful this fall season. Stay safe and healthy, and enjoy the issue!
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Lyndsey Beatty
Lyndsey Beatty is co-founder and editor-in-chief of GI. She enjoys binge watching TV with her husband, editing as part of the Uppercut Editions team and playing various retro video games. Lyndsey resides in Columbia, S.C., and is an accounting auditor for the state of South Carolina.
bRANDON Beatty
Brandon Beatty is editor-at-large for GI. Brandon writes reviews when the mood strikes him, produces the  Otaku Corner column for The Strip and spends a significant amount of time watching new and old anime alike with his wife. Brandon resides in Columbia, S.C., and is a security specialist for the state of South Carolina.