By Lyndsey Beatty
Gaming Insurrection

Vampire is one of those series that you never hear about, but everyone says they love it. That love, while widespread, doesn't always translate into sales. Despite having a solid cast of characters based on horror icons, fantastic gameplay, three fun-to-play full games and a tangential relationship to Street Fighter, Vampire has never garnered the respect from maker Capcom that it deserves.
Vampire hit the scene in 1994 with a good fighting game, but it has never managed to sell more than 1 million copies in its franchise lifetime. There's so much to love about the quirky fighting series, and we're aiming to put it on display. The gothic horror aesthetic, great soundtracks, tight fighting mechanics and fun characters make the series a joy to experience at least once. Though Capcom keeps moving the goalposts on our hopes to ever see proper follow-ups beyond Vampire Savior, we'll keep our absinthe-tinged love alive for the solid horror fighting series with an in-depth look at all things Vampire.