Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

What is Mystical Ninja?

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon is a third-person adventure game that focuses on four friends working together to stop the Peach Mountain Shoguns. You begin with Goemon and Ebisumaru in an alternate universe Edo where giant robots and technology have made an earlier impact and are more prevalent in society. Later in the adventure, Yae and Sasuke join the team.
Help along the way

Goemon and the crew can visit several shops to buy supplies to aid in the quest. Shops sell armor that absorbs multiple hits, extra lives, and health-restoring rice balls. Restaurants can restore health depending on the meal consumed, and inns are open to save the game and to rest and restore health as well. Coffee shops serve as location markers to aid fast-travel once it's unlocked. The crew can also visit the Fortune Teller, who gives information about progress and the next steps in the adventure for 10 Ryo.
Mystical mechanics

The action is split into two parts: ground action with the four characters, and Giant Impact robot battles. On the ground, you switch among the four characters using their unique weapons and magic powers to solve puzzles and defeat bosses. The four characters each acquire magic powers through mini-games sprinkled throughout Japan. In Giant Impact battles, the characters square off against other mecha-robots using their sentient mech friend Impact, who also moonlights as an actor.
Good fortunes

Be on the lookout for Silver and Gold Fortune Dolls. The dolls increase your stamina gauge with every three found throughout the world. There are 45 scattered across the world and collecting them all will unlock the Impact Boss Rush mode.
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Lyndsey Beatty
Aesthetically pleasing art

Goemon's surroundings are fantastic. From the architecture to the geographically accurate map of Japan, Goemon finds ways to shine outside of the fun gameplay. The soundtrack is also a favorite at GI. We've covered our favorite tracks from the game in two issues: 1Q2009 and 2Q2014.