Vampire series finds a way to sink its fangs into fighting game fans
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Vampire/Darkstalkers is one of those fighting game franchises that draws you in and you don't know exactly why.

It's got great character designs, deep and familiar gameplay, and a banger of a soundtrack. Considering all of that, you still don't have any idea why Vampire sticks with you. And then you sit down and do an entire deep dive and you remember the allure: It's because it's not Street Fighter.

Sure, I love Street Fighter as much as anyone who loves fighting games. But at the same time, I want something spicier and different. I want something that thinks differently and isn't scared to take chances. Vampire satisfies all of that with the first three games in the series.

And it gets better with age. I recently replayed the first game in the series extensively, and I have a newfound respect for the origin of the series. It's not nearly as bad as I once judged it to be, and it has a certain charm that makes it stand out against the other offerings of 1994.

So, aging like fine wine, depth, charm and playability? This can only make for a monster of a good time.
Lyndsey Beatty
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