Otaku Corner: Robotech Remastered Vol. 2

Robot­ech Remas­tered Vol. 2 con­tin­ues clas­sic trend

Brandon-2012-cutoutWel­come back to another install­ment of Otaku Cor­ner. Instead of manga reviews this time, we’re going to the movies to relax with another review of the space anime series Robot­ech. Robot­ech is con­sid­ered by most anime afi­ciona­dos as one of the great space anime series not only because of its ground­break­ing mecha designs, but also because of its uni­ver­sal appeal in pre­sent­ing var­i­ous issues in the back­drop of war.

As an anime viewer, I give high praise to series like Robot­ech that can keep action and comedic ele­ments while pre­sent­ing mature sub­ject mat­ter to its audi­ence. Robot­ech Remas­tered: The Macross Saga, Vol. 2 con­tin­ues this trend.

When we last left the Earth bat­tle­ship SDF-1, Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes and their com­pan­ions Ben Dixon and Max Ster­ling were cap­tured by Zen­tradi forces seek­ing to obtain knowl­edge of the energy source known as pro­to­cul­ture. How­ever, they were able to escape back to the SDF-1 and returned to a hero’s wel­come, which caused Rick to have feel­ings for Lynn-Minmei and Lisa that were more than friend­ship. At this time, the bat­tle fortress was able to land on Earth and was ordered by the United Earth Gov­ern­ment to pro­hibit the civil­ians of Macross City from leav­ing the ship.

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As the bat­tle between aliens and Micro­ni­ans con­tin­ued, life aboard the SDF-1 did became more nor­mal with the release of the first mar­tial arts movie filmed on the ship. This begins to bring Rick and Lisa closer, and also catches the eye of Miriya, a Zen­tradi ace pilot who was reduced to Micron­ian size to get revenge against Max, who unknow­ingly defeated her twice. Else­where, Lynn-Minmei faces a dilemma of her own when Lynn-Kyle asks for her hand in mar­riage. Despite being at war, the SDF-1 and its inhab­i­tants still face bat­tles, bat­tles that require dif­fer­ent strate­gies to fight.

Robot­ech Vol. 2 has kept the mix­ture of action, com­edy and mature sub­ject mat­ter together. You will become emo­tional when you see Clau­dia Grant’s and Rick’s simul­ta­ne­ous grief at Roy’s death. At the same time, a funny moment comes when the three Zen­tradi spies Bron, Rico and Konda travel back to the Zen­tradi fleet and reveal var­i­ous smug­gled objects such as a refrig­er­a­tor and become street ven­dors shar­ing and trad­ing their loot with other Zen­tradi soldiers.

There is plenty of action with the SDF-1, and the Veritech fight­ers mix it up with Zen­tradi ships in a way that will make view­ers feel as if they have front-row seats in an inter­galac­tic dog fight. The voice act­ing is top-notch since Robot­ech has launched the careers of voice­ac­tors such as Tony Oliver, Bar­bra Good­son, Richard Epcar, Robert Axel­rod and Dan Green to name a few. Over­all, Robot­ech Vol. 2 is a great way to spend a lazy week­end, rain or shine, with a clas­sic anime that will never get old.

Robot­ech is a mas­ter­piece. I say this despite other great anime space series such as Gun­dam that are more well-known; Robot­ech is in a class by itself with a good mix that does not dumb down its audi­ence. Pro­ducer Carl Macek left the world with a clas­sic series that con­tin­ues to be rel­e­vant and will remain for years to come. I encour­age you, fel­low otaku, to pick up this series.

Bran­don Beatty is editor-at-large of Gam­ing Insur­rec­tion. He can be reached by email at brandonb@gaminginsurrection.com

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