Otaku Corner: Death Note Vol. 7

Death Note Vol. 7 digs deeper with shock­ing results

Brandon-2012-cutoutWel­come to Otaku Cor­ner, the spot of The Strip where we bring you the finest manga and anime. I’m con­tin­u­ing my review of the series “Death Note,” the mystery/supernatural manga of geniuses Light Yagami and L, the leg­endary detec­tive. When Light finds the death note dropped in the human world by a shingami named Ryuk, he uses it to kill off crim­i­nals, hop­ing to cre­ate a crime-free world. When crim­i­nals world­wide begin to drop dead, L (Ryuzaki) is called in to find the mur­der known as “Kira” (Light).

Writ­ten by Tsug­umi Ohba, drawn by Takeshi Obuta and pub­lished by VIZ Media, Death Note Vol­ume 7 con­tin­ues where the pre­vi­ous vol­ume ended with Light, Ryuzaki and the rest of the task force finally cap­tur­ing Kyosuke Higuchi, the lat­est Kira. Upon recov­er­ing the death note, Light regains his mem­o­ries as the orig­i­nal Kira allow­ing him to con­tinue his main goal: killing L.

Using a hid­den piece of the death note placed in his watch, Light — with­out any­one watch­ing — kills Higuchi, thus focus­ing his atten­tion to L. In the next set of pages, Light shows how far he is will­ing to use not only his “girl­friend” Misa Amane and her shinigami Rem, but also to have Ryuk write two fake rules about using the death note. Sens­ing that there are two fake rules, Ryuzaki attempts to have another coun­try test the fake rules, but he and Watari are killed by Rem, who is also killed because of her actions that allowed Misa to live longer. Before his death, L erases all of the inves­tiga­tive data on the task force com­put­ers, but Light is able to recover the infor­ma­tion, allow­ing him to kill Ryuzaki’s asso­ciates Aiber and Wedy as well as the remain­ing mem­bers of the Yosuba group who were involved in the Kira killings. Light, dur­ing this time, plays the roles of Kira and L while join­ing the NPA’s Intel­li­gence sec­tion, secur­ing his posi­tion as mur­derer and law officer.

Unknown to Light, how­ever, L’s pro­teges have begun to avenge their fallen men­tor. One of them, Near, gath­ered enough

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Photo cour­tesy of Amazon.com

evi­dence to con­vince the U.S. gov­ern­ment to set up a Kira inves­ti­ga­tion unit known as SPK. The other, known as Mello, joins up with a major mafia orga­ni­za­tion to acquire the death note and to also become No. 1 over Near. While Light is enjoy­ing his long-awaited vic­tory, Mello has taken the NPA direc­tor hostage and when the direc­tor is killed, Mello orders his hench­men to kid­nap Light’s sis­ter Saiyu. When Saiyu goes miss­ing, Light deals with two new adver­saries who are deter­mined to destroy Kira at any cost.

Death Note con­tin­ues to be a smash hit, thanks to its per­fect mix of mys­tery, hor­ror and super­nat­ural ele­ments. I guar­an­tee that you will be in com­plete awe as you wit­ness Light’s com­plete trans­for­ma­tion from a young man who hates evil to a mur­derer who will kill any­one in his way to cre­ate his per­fect world. L, while not entirely evil, did him­self jus­tice despite his will­ing­ness to test the death note among other ques­tion­able tac­tics to solve the case, leav­ing a legacy for his heirs to fight one of the great­est evils ever known. Viz Media also gets credit as well, as Alexis Kirsch per­formed excel­lently with han­dling trans­la­tion and adap­ta­tion writ­ing duties.

Death Note Vol­ume 7 left me feel­ing sad and happy about its con­tin­u­a­tion. Although I’m pleased that the story will con­tinue with new plot twists and non­stop action, I’m sad­dened that a great main char­ac­ter has fallen at such an early point in the series. Yet, I am con­fi­dent that he will be avenged thanks to the efforts of his pro­teges. Keep read­ing Otaku Cor­ner for more reviews of Death Note as its sec­ond act begins. RIP Ryuzaki and Watari. You WILL be avenged.


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