Otaku Corner: Tenchi Muyo Vol. 3

Dark Washu is draw in third vol­ume of Tenchi Muyo

Brandon-2012-cutoutWel­come back to The Strip’s lit­tle sec­tion specif­i­cally made for great anime and manga, “Otaku Cor­ner.” I know everyone’s get­ting back into the swing of things (school, work, col­lege), but this is also a great time to enjoy a great manga series that has it all: com­edy, action, adven­ture, cute female leads. One of my favorite series has all of those things includ­ing a main char­ac­ter that is a lucky man to have four beau­ti­ful women liv­ing in the same house. Tenchi Masaki and his gang of lovely women star in more great adven­tures in Vol­ume 3 of the “All New Tenchi Muyo: Dark Washu.”

Writ­ten and drawn by Hitoshi Okuda and pub­lished by Viz Media, Dark Washu is the con­tin­u­a­tion of the last story in “Tenchi Muyo: Doom Time,” in which Washu Hakubi’s most pow­er­ful inven­tion, the “black crys­tal,” designed as the per­fect secu­rity sys­tem, was taken over by the evil Dr. Clay. Tenchi and com­pany fought the black crys­tal who copied the real Washu. Despite win­ning the deci­sive bat­tle, the dark crys­tal returns to exact vengeance: It becomes Washu vs. Washu, which takes up the entire third volume.

Fel­low otaku, despite this smack­down of genius against genius, this is truly great work Tenchi Muyo Vol 3wor­thy of any Tenchi fan with no punches pulled on every page, com­ple­ment­ing the well-thought out plot­line and art­work. It was also great to see Tenchi’s father and grand­fa­ther make brief cameos, as it is rare to see them in manga form.

The bat­tles also have their moments of heart tug­ging. When Tenchi and com­pany rally to assist Washu in the final moments of the bat­tle, Dr. Clay is van­quished for good and Dark Washu is rebuilt as a new char­ac­ter and Washu’s new lab assis­tant, Tama. The bonus story with Ryo-oh-ki fac­ing the bat­tle of the bulge, which has its own mix of cute­ness and com­edy, is also enjoy­able. Viz Media also deserves credit for keep­ing Tenchi Muyo fun to read, thanks to the team of adap­ta­tion writer Freed Burke and trans­la­tor Lil­lian Olsen, who remained on task. Tenchi is fun and action-packed minus the reg­u­lar clichés.

The All-New Tenchi Muyo: Dark Washu is a great manga to read to cel­e­brate the end of sum­mer with a good mix of action, adven­ture and com­edy. Now I have to take care of a crav­ing for car­rot cake, which makes me won­der am I becom­ing like Ryo-oh-ki?

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