Otaku Corner: Death Note Vol. 6

Light learns a few lessons while wheel­ing and deal­ing in Death Note Vol. 6

Brandon-2012-cutoutWel­come back for another edi­tion of Otaku Cor­ner! As all of you know, this is my lit­tle cor­ner of GI where I bring you the best in manga and anime that will keep you enter­tained and free from hav­ing reader’s remorse in time and money spent.

I’m con­tin­u­ing the most epic bat­tle of wits mixed with a splash of ethics and a good pinch of the super­nat­ural. We’re fol­low­ing up with Death Note, writ­ten by Tsug­umi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obata.

Death Note vol­ume six con­tin­ues the story of Light Yagami, a high school genius who obtains a Death Note, a note­book belong to the death god Ryuk. With the Death Note and Ryuk, Light vows to rid the world of crime. How­ever, when crim­i­nals world­wide began to die in record time, the ICPO calls in L, a leg­endary detec­tive to bring in the ser­ial killer. With L clos­ing in each day, how long will Light be able to retain his noble goal and his life?

In vol­ume six sub­ti­tled “Give and Take,” the task force was able to deter­mine that Death Note Vol 6 coverthe new “Kira” has been work­ing to com­mit mur­ders among the Japan­ese busi­ness com­mu­nity that not only ben­e­fit him­self, but also the Yosuba Group. How­ever, there is debate among the task force mem­bers about the meth­ods of cap­ture, which causes a brief rift. Light and Ryuzaki decide to use Misa to fur­ther gain infor­ma­tion on the cur­rent Kira and the seven Yosuba mem­bers’ plans. Dur­ing an inter­view to become a Yosuba spokesper­son, Misa was briefly reunited with her Death Note’s shinigami, Rem, who tells Misa not only about Light being the real Kira, but also reveals the cur­rent Kira: Higuchi.

Upon learn­ing that Higuchi was the third Kira, Misa pre­tends to go on date with Higuchi while secretly record­ing him stat­ing that he was behind the recent killings of Yosuba’s rivals and reg­u­lar crim­i­nals. As a result, Ryuzaki plans to use Sakura TV to trap Higuchi using Mat­suda as bait. When Higuchi dis­cov­ers that Mat­suda is still alive, he sets off a high-speed chase through­out Tokyo, while at the same time try­ing to kill Mas­tuda. In the end, Higuchi fails mis­er­ably as the task force and a small con­tin­gent of police offi­cers led by Aizawa and Ide trap Higuchi, which leads to major changes for all of the main char­ac­ters in the next volume.

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