Marvel Character Highlight #14: Spiral

Name: Rita WaywordSpiral

Affil­i­a­tion: The Sis­ter­hood of Mutants, Mojo, Longshot

Spe­cial abil­i­ties: Spi­ral is a master-level magic user who is also a mas­ter of sor­cery, genetic engi­neer­ing and robot­ics. Her magic pro­fi­ciency is enough that she was con­sid­ered to be among can­di­dates to suc­ceed Doc­tor Strange as the Sor­cerer Supreme of Earth. Spi­ral is able to open dimen­sional gate­ways, travel between dimen­sions, tele­port and time travel. Spi­ral has an immu­nity to pos­ses­sion by oth­ers, and is also super­hu­manly acro­batic and strong.

Back­ground: Spi­ral began life as Rita Way­word, a stunt­woman on Earth. She became involved with the humanoid Long­shot after she was attacked by her evil future self in a para­dox­ial time loop. Within the loop, she, Long­shot and another com­pan­ion trav­eled to Mojoworld to take on the vil­lain Mojo. While there she was cap­tured by Mojo and sub­jected to tor­tur­ous exper­i­ments and enhance­ments that cre­ated her extra four arms. She went insane and became loyal to Mojo, who then sent her back in time to find Long­shot, com­plet­ing the loop. She later became involved in the Psylocke/Kwannon mind swap and joined forces with other evil female mutants to cre­ate the Sis­ter­hood of Mutants.

Rela­tion­ships: Mojo (employer), Long­shot (lover), Red Queen (ally), Lady Death­strike (ally), Chimera (ally), Lady Mas­ter­mind (ally), Mar­tinique Jason (ally)

First Ver­sus game appear­ance: X-Men: Chil­dren of the Atom

Appear­ances in other media: X-Men the Ani­mated Series (ani­mated), Wolver­ine and the X-Men (ani­mated), Mar­vel vs. Cap­com 2 (video game), X-Men 3: Mojo World (video game)

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