Top 5 on The Strip: Dr. Strange foes

Baron Mordo — Baron Mordo started as Strange’s com­pe­ti­tion to become an appren­tice to the Ancient One. Because of jeal­ousy, Mordo even­tu­ally betrayed the duo lead­ing Strange to take the posi­tion and in time become the Sor­cerer Supreme of Earth. Mordo led a life of crime as a reg­u­lar foe of Strange but later turned over a new leaf and fought a can­cer diagnosis.

Dor­mammu — The dread lord has been a long­time adver­sary of Strange. Dor­mammu rules over the Dark Dimen­sion, which he con­quered by force and by over­throw­ing the estab­lished leader. He has chal­lenged Strange many times in an attempt to take over the Earth realm but has lost. He is a being of immense power and a mas­ter of chaotic magic.


Mephisto — Basi­cally, Mephisto can pose as the Devil, but he is not Satan and does not rule over Hell. He is a ruler of a hell dimen­sion and has estab­lished him­self as a bro­ker of souls. Mephisto, father of Mar­vel stal­wart Black­heart, is respon­si­ble for the the cre­ation of Ghost Rider.


Night­mare — Night­mare rules over the Night­mare World in the Dimen­sion of Dreams. He is capa­ble of manip­u­lat­ing the dreams of humans and gain­ing con­trol over them. Night­mare is a demon attempt­ing to take over the realm of the awake.


Shuma-Gorath — Shuma-Gorath is one of a race of crea­tures — known col­lec­tively as Shuma-Gorath — that take the shape of a cyclop­tic ten­ta­cled eye. In Strange’s time, Shuma-Gorath attempts to enter the main­stream dimen­sion through the mind of the Ancient One. This results in Strange hav­ing to kill his mas­ter to pre­vent Shuma-Gorath’s man­i­fes­ta­tion. Shuma-Gorath again tries after Strange absorbs him and begins to turn into him. It is even­tu­ally killed but res­ur­rects itself through Chaos Magic.

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