Marvel character highlight #09: Cable

REAL NAME: Nathan Christo­pher Charles Summers

AFFILIATION: X-Men, New Mutants/X-Force, Six Pack

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Telekine­sis and telepa­thy. Enhanced eye­sight through his techno-organic eye and enhanced strength and dura­bil­ity in parts affected by the virus. Cable is also pro­fi­cient in most weaponry created.

BACKGROUND: Cable is the son of Scott Sum­mers (the X-Men’s Cyclops) and Made­lyne Pryor, a clone of the X-Men’s Jean Grey. When Cable was born, Pryor tried to sac­ri­fice the child who was already sup­posed to be a weapon for Mr. Sin­is­ter to use against Apoc­a­lypse. Sin­is­ter had cre­ated Pryor to con­tinue his manip­u­la­tion of the Sum­mers blood­line. Shortly after Pryor com­mit­ted sui­cide, Cable was infected with a techno-organic virus by Apoc­a­lypse. To save the child, Cyclops sent him to the future with the Clan Askani, headed by a future ver­sion of Cable’s sis­ter, Rachel Sum­mers or Mother Askani.

While in the future, Mother Askani did two things: First, she halted the spread of the virus so that it is just on the left side of Cable’s body; and two, she cre­ated a clone of the child. This clone, later stolen by Apoc­a­lypse, was raised to become Stryfe. Once the child was healed, and had been raised by Scott and Jean in the future, he defeated Apoc­a­lypse and Jean and Scott returned to the present time. Cable later was framed for an assas­si­na­tion attempt on Pro­fes­sor Charles Xavier by Stryfe, who lead a rebel group against him. Cable mar­ried and had a child, Tyler, but his wife was killed by Stryfe. Cable then trav­eled to the 20th cen­tury when Stryfe fled there. He founded Six Pack and reformed the New Mutants into X-Force. He also destroyed the present-day Apoc­a­lypse and res­cued and cared for the mutant mes­siah infant Hope.

RELATIONSHIPS: Made­lyne Pryor (Gob­lin Queen), mother; Scott Sum­mers (Cyclops), father; Jean Grey (Phoenix), mother; Rachel Sum­mers (Phoenix), sis­ter; Alex Sum­mers (Havok), uncle; Christo­pher Sum­mers (Cor­sair), grand­fa­ther; Kather­ine Sum­mers, grand­mother; Gabriel Sum­mers (Vul­can), uncle; Nate Grey (X-Man), genet­i­cally iden­ti­cal alter­nate real­ity ver­sion; Stryfe, clone; Aliya, wife; Tyler, son; Hope Sum­mers (adult), wife; Hope Sum­mers (infant), adopted daughter


APPEARANCES IN OTHER MEDIA: X-Men the Ani­mated Series (tele­vi­sion), X-Men Leg­ends II: Rise of Apoc­a­lypse (Sony PSP), X-Men 2: Game Master’s Legacy (Sega Game Gear), X-Men: Reign of Apoc­a­lypse (Game­Boy Advance); Mar­vel Ulti­mate Alliance 2 (multiplatform)

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