Otaku #07: Devil May Cry 3 Vol. 1

Devil May Cry 3 manga a great start for Dante

Bran­don Beatty, con­tribut­ing editor

In this issue’s Otaku Cor­ner, I’m tak­ing a look at manga based on pop­u­lar video games. One of these manga is based on the third install­ment of Capcom’s best-selling game “Devil May Cry,” which allows DMC fans, for the first time, to expe­ri­ence the fast-paced action of the game series in graphic novel for­mat in Eng­lish thanks to the good peo­ple of Tokyo Pop Inc.

In the first vol­ume of DMC3, everybody’s favorite demon slayer/bounty hunter Dante is unem­ployed and bored until his trusty man­ager Enzo sets him up with a miss­ing per­son case with a reward of $4 mil­lion. All is not as it seems as Dante not only takes the job, but also faces a sur­prise attack by unknown demons that leads our hero on an adven­ture beyond his wildest imagination.

When I read the first edi­tion of “DMC 3” from start to fin­ish, I felt that I was on a non­stop thrill ride from the open­ing page to the last. Author Sug­uro Chaya­machi did not take the

Devil May Cry 3 Vol. 1 / photo cour­tesy of Amazon

DMC3 saga lightly and per­fectly mixed great art and story plot with the ele­ments of a high-octane game. All of Dante’s swag­ger and cool gun/swordsmanship came intact as he flows through each page prov­ing that he is wor­thy to be among the great­est video game char­ac­ters of all time.

Tokyo Pop deserves a ton of the credit as trans­la­tor Ray Yoshi­moto and Eng­lish adap­ta­tion writer Aaron Spar­row flu­ently brought DMC 3 to life with­out a hitch. Truly, Cap­com did try a new method of bring­ing a pop­u­lar fran­chise to fans with­out the usual hitches that most com­pa­nies expe­ri­ence. Over­all, I find DMC3 Vol­ume 1 worth re-reading, guar­an­tee­ing absolute satisfaction.

Devil May Cry 3 Vol­ume 1 is a per­fect addi­tion to any DMC’s fan col­lec­tion. Dante retains the skills that make him the liv­ing night­mare for all demons and suc­ceeds in his first travel though manga for­mat thanks to cre­ative col­lab­o­ra­tion between Cap­com and Tokyo Pop.

This is a bold and trail­blaz­ing move for video game devel­op­ers to make on their fran­chise know­ing the risks. Keep read­ing Otaku Cor­ner for more reviews of this series as we give gaming’s elite demon slayer five-star treat­ment in the world of Japan­ese comic art.

Bran­don Beatty is con­tribut­ing edi­tor of Gam­ing Insur­rec­tion. He can be reached by email at brandonb@gaminginsurrection.com

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