Strip Talk #28: All hail the return of Keaton, king of the Batmen

The king has returned home to his throne. All is right in the world of DC.

It had bet­ter be because the best Bat­man is returning.

Michael Keaton has been announced to return in the Flash’s new movie as a dif­fer­ent ver­sion of the Caped Cru­sader. This ver­sion, in line with his con­ti­nu­ity as Bruce Wayne/Batman from our favorite Bat­man films, is an alter­nate uni­verse ver­sion of Bat­man, dif­fer­ent from Ben Affleck’s most recent ver­sion. While Affleck was decent as was Chris­t­ian Bale, there is no one more deserv­ing of a return to the tights and cowl as Keaton.

Keaton is the ver­sion of Bat­man that I know. Yes, I was around through ’80s syn­di­ca­tion for the Adam West ver­sion of the ’60s, but Keaton is the big-screen ver­sion that I grew up with. He’s the model that made me fall in love with the Dark Knight. Not the comics, not the ani­mated series in 1992. No, Keaton is the ver­sion that defined the dual­ity of Bruce Wayne and Bat­man. Keaton held his own and man­aged to go toe-to-toe with scene man­gler Jack Nichol­son as the Joker, which is a feat unto itself. Keaton gave the quin­tes­sen­tial per­for­mance that set the stan­dard for how a brood­ing Bruce Wayne should be. He is the tem­plate that all later Bat­men are cre­ated from. Despite there being almost 30 years since his last por­trayal of the char­ac­ter, he is the gold standard.

I’m excited and look­ing for­ward to a DC movie for the first time in many years because Keaton is back and ready to do jus­tice to Bruce Wayne once again. I’ve missed him and very much think no one else can compare.

All hail the king. I’m ready to dance with the devil under the pale moon­light once again.

Lyn­d­sey Hicks is editor-in-chief of Gam­ing Insur­rec­tion. She can be reached by email at lyndseyh[at]

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