Top 5 on the Strip: Comic book TV edition

1. Spawn — HBO, 1994
If you didn’t read the comics, chances are this was your first expo­sure to the hell-spawned entity Spawn. We’re ignor­ing the ridicu­lous movie in favor of the ani­mated mas­ter­piece fea­tur­ing vocal leg­end Keith David. Spawn was gory and brood­ing and just the right mix for teenagers to learn about the comics legend.

2. Luke Cage — Net­flix, 2016
Per­fect cast­ing made this show what it is, and we’re sad to see it gone. Luke Cage was great in the exe­cu­tion as well and has a phe­nom­e­nal sound­track. GI home­town boy Mike Colter siz­zles in the title role and Alfre Woodard, Theo Rossi and Maher­shala Ali absolutely steal the show every time they’re onscreen.

3. Dare­devil — Net­flix, 2015
Tight writ­ing, bru­tal fight scenes and good cast­ing made this a hit on Net­flix. The first two sea­sons were superb with empha­sis on the cast­ing of Vin­cent D’Onofrio as King­pin. Dare­devil, like all Mar­vel Net­flix shows, has been can­celed, but it’s worth get­ting a sub­scrip­tion just to see the magic of a com­pe­tent Matt Murdock.

4. Arrow — CW, 2012
We must give it to Stephen Amell: He cer­tainly turned Oliver Queen into a cred­i­ble super­hero. Arrow has seen its ups and downs (every­thing post sea­son 4, any­one?), but it’s still a decent story and the early twists and turns are enough to entice you to stick around and invest in the Queen fam­ily and their exploits. Arrow was one of the first suc­cess­ful comic book TV shows and it’s paved the way for oth­ers like it. It has earned its props.

5. Smal­l­ville — CW, 2001
One of the first comic­book shows before the recent craze and takeover of Mar­vel tele­vi­sion, Smal­l­ville had folks talk­ing about Super­man like they were comic book experts. Tom Welling­ton did an excel­lent job por­tray­ing the Man of Steel in his younger years, but the true shout out goes to Michael Rosen­baum as the scene-stealing Lex Luthor.

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