Top 5 on The Strip: The Super family


Super­man — The Man of Steel him­self is prob­a­bly the best incar­na­tion of the super fam­ily. He was the orig­i­na­tor of the series and thus car­ries the name on when other incar­na­tions drop in and out of the DC con­ti­nu­ity, like Super­girl. The oth­ers in the lineup are lit­er­ally just watch­ing the throne.

Superboy Super­boy — There have been sev­eral ver­sions of Super­boy but the most promi­nent is the lit­tle boy who would become Super­man. DC has since stated that Super­man didn’t have adven­tures until he became an adult but that hasn’t stopped the mul­ti­tude of other ver­sions, such as the post-Crisis on Infi­nite Earths being.

Supergirl - Kara Zor-El Super­girl — Sup­pos­edly, the story goes that the daugh­ter of Zor-El — Superman’s uncle — sur­vived the explo­sion of Kryp­ton since she was liv­ing in Argo City, which was cast off into space when the planet exploded. Kara Zor-El was the last sur­vivor, giv­ing Super­man one of his only liv­ing clans­men known to have sur­vived the cat­a­strophic event that cre­ated the lore. Her exis­tence is removed dur­ing and restored after the 1985 arc Cri­sis on Infi­nite Earths.

KryptoKrypto the Super­dog — Super­man might have god­like pow­ers on Earth, but on Kryp­ton he had decid­edly human emo­tions and that extended to hav­ing a pet. Krypto was used as a test sub­ject to exper­i­ment with rocket flight. Jor-El — Superman’s father — real­ized Kryp­ton was going to explode and wanted to test a way to get him­self and his fam­ily off the doomed planet. Krypto was sent out into space, but the rocket was knocked off course. Drift­ing through space for years, the dog was found and rejoined Super­man dur­ing his Super­boy years.

BizarroBizarro  — The ulti­mate in “the evil clone/twin did it” sto­ry­line, Bizarro exists only because Lex Luthor, as usual, was mess­ing around with things he didn’t under­stand. Luthor recre­ated the dupli­cat­ing ray that was used pre­vi­ously on Kryp­ton by Gen. Dru-Zod and on Earth to acci­den­tally cre­ate a dupli­cate ver­sion of Super­boy. Luthor also cre­ates a ver­sion of Bizarro after the Cri­sis on Infi­nite Earths arc while try­ing to cre­ate a clone of Superman.

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