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Guitar Hero 5 at E3

Ever wonder why there are so many versions of Guitar Hero? Bands. Every Guitar Hero has a list of bands that seems to be comprised of the best rock bands of their time. But there are millions of fans out there, that likes millions of different bands. So Activision by trying to create the worlds biggest concert ever! Just for your enjoyment. Here is a list of bands that has confirmed to show up at you local retail outlet of choice.

• 3 Doors Down
• A Perfect Circle
• Attack! Attack!
• Band Of Horses
• Beastie Boys
• Beck
• Billy Idol
• Billy Squier
• Blink-182
• Blur
• Bob Dylan
• Bon Jovi
• Brand New
• Bush
• Children of Bodom
• Coldplay
• Darker My Love
• Darkest Hour
• David Bowie
• Deep Purple
• Dire Straits
• Duran Duran
• Eagles Of Death Metal
• Elliott Smith
• Elton John
• Face to Face
• Garbage
• Gorillaz
• Gov’t Mule
• Grand Funk Railroad
• Iggy Pop
• Iron Maiden
• Jeff Beck
• Jimmy Eat World
• John Mellencamp
• Johnny Cash
• Kaiser Chiefs
• King Crimson
• Kings Of Leon
• Kiss
• Love and Rockets
• Megadeth
• Mötley Crüe
• Muse
• My Morning Jacket
• Nirvana
• No Doubt
• Peter Frampton
• Public Enemy Featuring Zakk Wylde
• Queen & David Bowie
• Queens Of The Stone Age
• Rammstein
• Rose Hill Drive
• Rush
• Santana
• Scars On Broadway
• Screaming Trees
• Smashing Pumpkins
• Sonic Youth
• Spacehog
• Stevie Wonder
• Sublime
• Sunny Day Real Estate
• T. Rex
• The Bronx
• The Derek Trucks Band
• The Duke Spirit
• The Killers
• The Police
• The Raconteurs
• The Rolling Stones
• The Sword
• The White Stripes
• Thin Lizzy
• Thrice
• Tom Petty
• Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
• TV On The Radio
• Vampire Weekend
• Weezer
• Wild Cherry
• Wolfmother


06 2009

Game music links

UPDATE #2: The ITG sounds have been taken down from our site as of March 1, 2010. If you would like them, contact me and we can arrange for a transfer. — Lyndsey

UPDATE: The ITG sounds have been updated and will be hosted by Gaming Insurrection until a better place can be found. Also, please register at the places that ask for it and help them out.

After visiting Nashicon at the University of South Carolina, I met some folks that gave me good leads on getting video game and anime soundtracks. I’m returning the favor. You always need to share when it comes to music and good stuff such as OSTs.

Here’s some links that you should know if you love video game music or anime music:

* Galbadia Hotel – Go here for video game soundtracks and check out the forums (you need to register to take advantage of the links) for more obscure stuff. Register and help them out. They’re pretty good overall and they need donations to stay alive.

* In the Groove musicAll music from the first two games in the series in .zip format. The ITG song folders contain all songs in .ogg format. If you need to convert these files to .mp3, open them in Winamp and use its converter plug-in called LAME .mp3 to convert them. WARNING: This file is huge. It’s 300MB+.

* SNES music – Music from Nintendo’s greatest system

* Videogame Tunes

* Sound Test – A database of music for gamers.

* Zenius-I-Vanisher – An awesome site. If you’re at all into DDR, go here for just about anything from every DDR game ever made. You should register to help them out. I use them primarily for my Stepmania collection.

* Metroid Database – Anything and everything Metroid related. Even if you go there just to read stuff on Metroid, that would be great. Their collection of Metroid sounds is the best I have ever seen. And they are extremely high quality.

Check out our video game music packs in the multimedia section of our main site for some of our favorite games. They are just a taste of good music.

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04 2009