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1Q2012 now available

The 1Q2012 issue is now available!

This quarter, we begin our Classic Focus series. Starting with the legendary platformer Castlevania, we will examine older franchises and games that made an impact for old-school gamers. This quarter’s feature includes a brand new video series to accompany Classic Focus honorees: Classic Play. Visit our Youtube channel here to watch new videos.

Ready, Set, Begin entries are Forza Motorsport 2 (X360), Tony Hawk 3 (GC), Dungeons and Dragons Heroes (Xbox) and Mega Man X (SNES). Retrograde takes a look at Mortal Kombat (SNES), Earthworm Jim (SNES), StarCraft (PC) and U.N. Squadron (SNES).

Over on The Strip, GI tackles Ultimate Avengers in the property review, quotes from Ultimate Avengers in the Top 5 list, Cable in the Marvel character highlight and All-New Tenchi Muyo Vol. 2 in Otaku Corner. Editor in chief Lyndsey Mosley discusses the bashing of direct comic book movie lifts in the Strip Talk podcast and column, going solo in hosting duties for the first time.

A new feature for GI begins in the Dance Dance Revolution Song Spotlight. The concept: Three songs are highlighted from 1st mix through SuperNova. Check out our DDR terms glossary while you’re there and watch videos of the quarter’s selected songs.



01 2012

Change coming to GI

Lyndsey Mosley

Lyndsey Mosley, editor in chief

Several months ago, I said there would be changes coming to Gaming Insurrection. I am proud to announce that indeed change has arrived for GI.

The first significant difference is that GI is going to a smaller size. We’re changing the way we look and it will be immediately noticeable in the actual size (12×12) and in quality. This switch will occur beginning with the 2Q2012 issue, available in April 2012.

The second significant difference is in the production quality. GI has finally made the leap to Adobe InDesign and Acrobat for page layout and will be produced using Dreamweaver. These production tools are the standard in the industry for publication creation and we’re excited to make the move.

The final change, or addition rather, is the start of a new video feature. I’m personally beginning a series called Editor’s vlog. As of this post, there are two episodes available, which can be viewed here or at our YouTube channel.


12 2011

Animal Crossing Chronicles Edition #04


Animal Crossing Chronicles

Welcome to the fourth edition of Animal Crossing Chronicles. This feature originally began in January 2010 and has evolved into a diary following a new character in the town of Tokyo on the GameCube version of Animal Crossing. Each quarter, we will look at the life of Samus as she makes her way through Tokyo and learns the ropes of life.


Sunday, Jan. 2, 2011

I made a little headway on the loan as part of my New Year’s resolutions. I had about 120,000 Bells saved up

Samus attempts to play Super Mario Bros. in her basement.

from my mysterious gift in December (just in time for Christmas!) so I paid 49,800 Bells today. This paid off my loan for the basement addition! I opted to get a larger main room, and it should be done tomorrow.

It snowed in December finally! I could attempt the snowman furniture collection, but it’s too aggravating. The balls have to be just right and, more often than not, mine are not. I will buy some more furniture, though, because I’ll be getting an upstairs addition pretty soon with a few more payoffs. I would like to move my bed and add a bath section upstairs so that I can entertain in the main room. Also, I’d like to be able to use my 8-mat tatami flooring again. I think I will be using the tea room wallpaper in the upstairs bedroom, but I haven’t really given it much thought.

I look forward to warm weather again already. It’s too cold here!

Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011

Today I was tasked with turning on the light in the Tokyo’s lighthouse. Tortimer asked me yesterday when I was running errands if I would do this for about a week. I didn’t want to because who knows when I’ll be outside again, but I agreed anyway because I’m nice. So I have to do this until the 22nd, which is next Saturday. If I can remember to do it after today, I will.

I made a big payment on my next loan as well. After Nook finished the latest upgrade, my bill jumped to 398,000 Bells. Since I had 90,000 Bells saved up, I used it to pay a little on the balance. I hope the next upgrade will be the upstairs room. I’m ready to move my furniture around.

Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011

So I thought I was doing something good and making progress in Tokyo. I added more furniture and to my surprise, I found that I was running out of room. I can’t have everything that I own in my living room! I don’t have the

Samus sets items for sale with the Gyroid outside of her house.

upstairs bedroom yet, and I need some place to put all of my clothes. I bought some storage spaces, which is ridiculous. Why is it that the shelving only holds three items? They really should make them hold multiple items. That way I would save on space and not have to spend so many Bells just get the place organized.

I’m hoping that I have enough tickets at the end of the month to join in the raffle that Nook holds. Last month, I won a bunch of stuff because I had 45 tickets. It seems when you’re new in town you can easily rack up tickets because you have to spend a lot of money at the store.

Oh, and I’m not looking forward to Valentine’s Day. For the single people like me, it’s a made-up holiday. I don’t care.

Friday, Feb. 18, 2011

I caught a huge fish today! I think it was a stringfish. It was in the pond and I saw this huge shadow so I immediately pulled out my fishing rod and reeled it in. I don’t have to donate to the museum since Lyndsey and Jamie have already finished that task, so I’m selling it for the 15,000 Bells it will bring in.

I’ve steadily been making payments on my loan from Nook. What I usually do is make the rounds in Tokyo, looking for fossils and gyroids and then selling them the next day. You can only mail in three a day because that’s all that the Faraway Museum will accept. If you send in more, they won’t send them back and you will have lost them. I found

Samus makes a few changes to her living room.

that out that hard way several weeks ago. It would have been nice for one of the other characters to tell me that! But I’ve been making money and every little bit helps. I pay 10,000 Bells everytime I finish up for the day. Slowly but surely this has helped knock down the money I have left. I hope pretty soon to take a break and go listen to K.K. Slider at the train station. He only shows up on Saturday nights but I need new music!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring is here! It’s nice for all of the snow to be off the ground in Tokyo. Like my namesake, I can’t take the cold for very long (I love the Metroid reference I just made), and I’m glad it’s warming up again. I’ve started buying the spring tops and I’m going to start planting flowers around my house just as soon as I have time to pick out the types I want.

My spring project is remodeling the house. I think I want yellow and green in the rooms. I have stored mostly all of the green furniture that’s been offered at Nookington’s and I’m going to design a decent yellow wallpaper at the Able Sisters’ shop in a few weeks. Once I get the room addition, I will have the space to put everything, and I can stop storing furniture in letters at the post office. It also means I can sort of clear out my basement.

I finally met Sahara the other day. She’s … different. I did a trade with her. I gave her a carpet and 3,000 Bells and she gave me a special carpet. Truth be told, they’re not all that special, most of them. I like the Sand Garden pattern and that’s about it. I might use that in my room with the deer scare.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I meant to update on the February raffle. I didn’t win anything. I didn’t have nearly as many tickets as I thought I would at the end of the month. I got some tickets from Lyndsey, but it wasn’t really enough to do anything with. I like to think that maybe I will do something this month. I have another part of the house to outfit now and I plan to turn my basement into another area as well. So that means more furniture to be bought.

With spring around again, I decided it was time to catch insects again. And I did! I caught several species of butterflies that I didn’t have already and I’m working on catching a snail and a ladybug. They’re pretty rare but I know when they show up so it shouldn’t be too hard. I might keep the ladybug in the house. They’re cute bugs and I think it will look nice.


05 2011

News update: Mortal Kombat arcade collection announced!

NetherRealm Studios will push MK1-3 package to market later this year

By Lyndsey Mosley/Gaming Insurrection

In a reversal of a published story this quarter in GI, NetherRealm Studios has announced the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection for later this summer.

The actual collection, a downloadable title, will feature MK1, MKII and Ultimate MK3 and will be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Other features included are online play for the three games,  leaderboards and support for Achievements and Trophies.

A tournament stick will be released. The Klassic arcade stick, from Performance Designed Products, will retail for $129.99 at GameStop and will include a download token for the collection. PDP released the companion tournament controller for the recent Mortal Kombat, the reboot of the series from NetherRealm, the new studio led by Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon.

GI recently published a story in its Retro Game Corner section for 2Q2011 that focused on the rumors of an HD collection being released in the near future. The collection comes on the heels of MKII being removed from the PlayStation Network and Ultimate MK3 being removed from Xbox Live Arcade.



05 2011

First impressions #03: Mortal Kombat

Lyndsey Mosley

Lyndsey Mosley, editor

Welcome to First Impressions No. 3. This is a feature focusing on games that we’re trying for the first time and our immediate knee-jerk reaction. Be prepared for some interesting feedback on old and not-so-old games.





Game: Mortal Kombat (2011)

Developer: Netherrealm Games

Publisher: Warner Bros.

System: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

Played by: Lyndsey, Jamie (for Xbox 360)

In the interest of full disclosure, I will say this from the beginning: I used to be a serious Mortal Kombat enthusiast. Mortal Kombat is and was the first series I got heavily into way back when in the 1990s. If you follow GI regularly, there’s lots of references to my past with the MK series strewn over the site.

I fell in love with the series in 1993 with the release of the second game. That’s partially why there’s a tournament going on here at GI. MKII sucked me in with interesting story, characters and gameplay that I’d never really given a thought to before. I wasn’t playing Street Fighter II and it didn’t appeal to me as much. But as time progressed and I grew up, my feelings about the quality of the series diminished. The high point for me was probably MK3/Ultimate MK3/Trilogy. Afterward, nothing particularly warrants any play for me. Until now.

When I first heard about the MK reboot, I was severely skeptical. I had been burned by the awful movie sequel, and the fourth through seventh games weren’t good and had gotten away from what it meant to be Mortal Kombat. It had several objectives I felt needed to be completed for me to even begin playing it: The first was to recapture the feel of Mortal Kombat; the second was to get rid of the cartoony distractions; and the third was to update the gameplay to the level of modern-day fighting games. Mortal Kombat has had some growing pains to be sure but I’m happy to say I’m in love again.

The first thing I noticed about the game was the level of detail. MK is gorgeous. The fighters get progressively worse as they’re battered about and it’s surprisingly well done. The gore is unbelievable, and that’s saying a lot even for Mortal Kombat. It goes a long way that the originator of gore has updated in a tasteful way one of the many things that made it famous. Now, my feelings about Dan Forden’s soundtrack are still out. I haven’t heard much of anything in the game yet and since this is preliminary, I may or may not care for it. Forden is one of my favorite game music composers, having gained my ardor with Mortal Kombat II. I’m anxious to see what he came up with for the reboot in terms of new and remixed compositions.

Looking at the controls, I am impressed. As someone who has consciously avoided the series for five games, it felt like old hat to pick up the game and jump right into doing moves. No changing of moves for the sake of changing moves to be different. No random move sets that don’t make sense for characters. To put it another way, Scorpion feels like Scorpion. Kitana feels and plays like she did in Ultimate. Everything felt comfortable and fluid once I got a little used to the new timing. The mistakes of MK4, Deadly Alliance and Deception have been rectified for me. I was ready to take it back if Scorpion’s moveset had been changed again; it was that crucial that he be playable and familiar.

My biggest question about the game’s lineage was answered, however: Does Mortal Kombat recapture the feeling of old? Yes. Everything I loved about the first three games is present but updated. It’s as if Netherrealm had to throw off the shackles of Midway to make the Mortal Kombat sequel that should have been made nearly 20 years ago.

The character models for Mortal Kombat are well done. Photo courtesy of

I couldn’t help but notice the combination of its past and hopeful future. The graphics are easily on par with Tekken 5/Dark Resurrection/6 – a benchmark in video game graphics, in my opinion – but still retain the MK feel. The music, from what little I’ve heard, is remixed in some places but entirely new in others. The characters are all combatants that appeared in the first three games; no one after except for Quan Chi has made appearance yet. Though I realize that it can be argued that Quan Chi was a central behind-the-scenes character of MK1 that hadn’t been realized yet. Also, the gameplay feels like Ultimate MK3 updated without a Run button.

All of this adds up to a feeling of coming home with MK. I feel this is the game that I should have been playing in 2002 when I was desperate to hang on to my nostalgic love for the series. If you’re an old-school MK player like myself, don’t hesitate to buy it. It is quite possibly one of the best reboots ever achieved in video games.


04 2011

2Q2011 now online!

Gaming InsurrectionGaming Insurrection is proud to present the 2nd quarter 2011 issue!

In this issue:

1. Dreamcast fighting games – Gaming Insurrection examines the art of fighting games on Sega’s last scion, the Dreamcast. We discuss our favorite games and the peripherals we suggest to play them with in our quarterly features podcast.

2. Mortal Kombat II tournament – Our throwdown in the Midway fighting game classic continues with the second round of the winner’s bracket. Watch our tournament videos on YouTube and listen to our companion podcast!

3. Retrograde – We cover the following games: Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (NES), Gauntlet II (NES), Bases Loaded (NES) and Donkey Kong (NES)

4. Ready, set, begin! – We review the following games: Crazy Taxi 2 (Dreamcast), Captain Commando (SNES), Mega Man IV (NES) and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (SNES)

5. The Strip – The Spirit is discussed in the comic property review and Lyndsey Mosley gives a rundown of what she needs for her comic book movies to succeed. The Top 5 list focuses on useless heroes and Brandon Beatty continues his look at Death Note with a review of Vol. 3 of the manga. Rogue is our Marvel character highlight for the quarter.

6. Retrogamecorner – Rumored Mortal Kombat HD remakes make the rounds, and we detail the moves of Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard in the Pokemon Red and Blue Knowledge Center. Also, Jamie Mosley introduces a new column, Torture of the Quarter, with Silver Surfer for the NES as the first victim.

This quarter is also the first of our online redesign. We hope that a sprucing up of the site’s overall design will improve readability and usability. Let us know what you think! Register to leave a comment, drop us an e-mail or find us on Twitter and YouTube.



04 2011

First impressions #02: Test Drive Unlimited 2

Lyndsey Mosley

Lyndsey Mosley, editor

Welcome to the second issue of first impressions. This is a feature focusing on games that we’re trying for the first time and our immediate knee-jerk reaction. Be prepared for some interesting feedback on old and not-so-old games.





Game: Test Drive Unlimited 2 (2011)

Developer: Eden Games

Publisher: Atari

System: Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

Played by: Lyndsey (for Xbox 360)

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is a strange beast. It’s several games wrapped up into one: A racer, off-road driving simulator, life simulator and collector’s dream. There’s plenty to do and discover in the course of the game, and it will undoubtedly be a while before anyone finds every single thing that’s hidden.

What drew me to the game, initially, was the promise of the off-road, drive anywhere premise. I didn’t play the original game so I wasn’t aware that this is standard in the series. I’d read a preview in Game Informer and found it interesting because I like the sandbox exploration types. This is why Animal Crossing is so fun for me and why I spent a lot of time playing it. Keep the sandbox element and throw in cars and driving, and I now have a game that I REALLY want to play. So TDO2 succeeded in that respect.

Once I got into the game, selected a character model – whom I can’t really make look all that much like myself – and got to exploring, I found a great deal of enjoyment waiting. I love the fact that I can buy a car from the beginning. The controls took a while to get used to but eventually I was zipping around Ibiza easily. The other immediate thing that I love about the setup is the GPS. While I don’t use it in real life, it was IMMENSELY helpful in the game. I usually found myself setting a course for some random spot on the island and driving to it in hopes of adding to my discovery points or finding a photo assignment (more on this later).

As I was exploring, I came across quite a few of the shops that the game offers. I love virtual shopping so this was one of my favorite parts: Dressing up my character randomly with money I earned. I can safely say my character is a classy-looking racer. I also bought another car, specifically for the dirt racing championships: A Land Rover. While I will probably never own one in real life (they are luxury vehicles in the U.S., after all), I do love the car. It’s gotten quite a few miles on it since I’ve been tooling around the island.

One of the things that I like about the game is the fact that I can enter championships at any time after I’ve earned the corresponding license. I love literally roaming around the island and jumping to a championship site whenever I feel like it. Same thing goes for the photo assignments I mentioned earlier. The premise is that you have to take shots of landmarks on Ibiza because some photographer hired a dimwit to take photos who didn’t know what they were doing. So off you go to fix the problem and get paid per shot. I’ve done seven so far at $5,000 a pop.

I’ve bought property also, another part of the collection aspect of the game. I have two homes now, though I really wish more of it

The car models in Test Drive Unlimited 2 are gorgeous. The people? Not so much. Photo courtesy of

were customizable. Sure, you can change wall colors, tables and chairs, but that’s about it. I really wish I could purchase my own stuff from a store and have it put inside the houses.

While I love a lot of the game, there are some things I’m not fond of. The character models are terrible. I don’t really care about graphics that much, but I do have a line of pretty and not pretty in games, and this is one on the wrong side sometimes. The car models are awesome and I like the look and detail put into them, but the people look like a huge mess. They animate strangely, which was one of the first things I noticed. The other thing I noticed immediately was the reusage of models. It’s like there were only about six or seven models created so Eden reused them constantly throughout the game. Also, the voice work is terrible, too. Most of the time it doesn’t match visually with who’s saying it. In other words, my characters voice doesn’t really match up with what she looks like. Those gripes aside, I can really get into the game and spend a lot of time running around doing absolutely nothing.

The game did have a rocky launch and the online service is problematic, but that’s not what I play the game for anyway. I like the single-player experience just fine so far, and I think I’ll probably be sticking with it for awhile.


03 2011

Animal Crossing Chronicles Edition #03

Animal Crossing Chronicles

Welcome to the third edition of Animal Crossing Chronicles. This feature originally began in January 2010 and has evolved into a diary following a new character in the town of Tokyo on the GameCube version of Animal Crossing. Each quarter, we will look at the life of Samus as she makes her way through Tokyo and learns the ropes of life.

Friday, October 22, 2010

First night in, I had to work for Tom Nook. In return for doing his odd jobs, I received from my animal neighbors: A No. 67 shirt, an 8-mat tatami and a handcart. I kept the 8-mat tatami since it is one of my favorite floorings. Because Lyndsey and Jamie have already set up Tokyo, we have a Nookington’s and the museum is

Tom Nook offers wares for sale at Nookington's in Tokyo.

complete. This leaves me free to catch and sell all of the bugs and fish that I want. Also, we have non-native fruit (i.e. cherries, peaches, oranges and apples), so that’s more income as well. I will have my loan paid off in no time!

We have 14 animals in the town right now: Cousteau and Wolfgang (Acre E-5), Penny ( D-2), Mallary (D-4), Spork and Hazel (C-1), Spike, Jambette and Puck (B-1), Aziz (B-2), Olivia (C-2), Tutu (C-3), Petunia (C-4) and Bill (C-5). As always, we human characters all live in Acre B-3. I wonder if I can go over to Lyndsey’s house to play Super Mario Bros.?

So I began life in Tokyo during daytime hours. I was able to visit Nookington’s and sell stuff finally.I made 2,522 Bells. I then sold other stuff such as a crucian carp, pale chub, peaches, oranges and my tape deck. I won’t be needing the tape deck for awhile because I have yet to meet K.K. Slider. Even though he plays every Saturday at the train station, I don’t need music for awhile.

I caught the fish that I sold by purchasing a fishing rod and then a shovel. With the shovel I found the golden spot for the day and I got 1,000 Bells. I am well on my way to becoming rich enough to pay off my first loan of 17,400 Bells. I have decided that once I buy a net, I will catch some of the plentiful insects flitting around for income.

Even though it’s not summer, where I can make tens of thousands of Bells in a day from selling butterflies, I can still make nice Bells from the local insect economy.

I haven’t met with any of my neighbors, although I did meet our newest one, Bluebear, today. I’m pretty sure it’s a boy, but he was rude! But, then again, most of the population is like that, no matter what town you live in. In the spring, we may start the Tokyo Town Improvement Program. It’s an idea.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Samus catches one of her first red snappers. It sells for 3,000 Bells.

In my never-ending quest to make Bells, I caught fish today. It was my first full day of fishing and I caught a bundle! I nabbed three Barred Knifejaws, two Red Snappers, seven Sea Bass, a Freshwater Goby and a Guppy. This brought my selling total to 23,440 Bells, more than enough to pay off my first loan.

I also bought my net, so now I can catch bugs. In the interest of saving space in the house, I sold my orange box and diary and bought a blue bureau. With it, I added room because I moved some shirts to it. Getting the room expansion will be awesome because I will be able to spread out.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I did it! I paid off my first loan to Tom Nook. I made a few more sales and bought more clothes, then paid it off at the post office. I owed 17,400, and I caught a Coelcanth the other day to make some more Bells since it was raining. Once I paid the loan off, I asked for the upgrade that Nook offers so that I can begin the expansion. I should have more space shortly!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I began paying off my new debt to Tom Nook today. He completed the remodeling repairs and the bill was 148,000 Bells! Thankfully, I paid him 58,000 Bells, bringing what I owe down to an even 90,000 Bells. I’m just waiting for a rainy day again.

With the Happy Room Academy, I received my lowest score ever: 285. They said my house was too small to generate any points, and I agree. I intend to boost it by doing a little remodeling myself.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks to a mysterious benefactor, I paid off my second loan today! I believe it was someone in the town with the Bells to pull it off, and I’m pretty sure it was Lyndsey.

Samus makes one of the first of many loan payments at the post office.

There was a posting on the bulletin board for me! I checked it out and it said for me to check across the pond for “amazing treasure.” I went over there and found 180,000 Bells and some fossils. At this point the loan was at 90,000 Bells. so I paid it off completely and had about 132,000 Bells left over. I opted to get the basement addition from Nook so that I would have some place to put all of my clothes.

I saw a toilet in Lyndsey’s basement so I will buy that from her if she’s willing to sell it to me. I don’t have one in my inventory so I will have to pick it up that way or wait to buy it from Nook. There’s no telling when that will be.

I bought a daffodil chair and two shirts today.

I didn’t spend much and I got bills paid. I also put a fossil in the mail so that’s something extra coming in. I believe the next loan payment is in the 240,000 Bells range.

That will be easy to pay off quickly.

I did not talk with any of my animal friends today. I was in such a hurry to work on paying off the loan that I didn’t have time.

Apparently, Belle moved. I don’t even remember who that was so she must not have been too important. I think maybe she was a cat? I must have met her although Lyndsey told me in a letter that BlueBear sent a goodbye letter to her and she had never met him. Maybe everyone’s letters go to the humans when they move.

I know that the Harvest Festival is approaching but I don’t think I am going to go. I think I would just like to stay home this year and not visit with too many of my neighbors. I might pick some fruit, however, for my own feast. I may have Lyndsey and Jamie over as well.


01 2011

1st Quarter 2011 now online!

Gaming InsurrectionGaming Insurrection is proud to present the following content for the first quarter 2011:

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles awesomeness – Gaming Insurrection goes in-depth with maps and strategies for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time and reviews of the game and eight other classic TMNT game titles. Reviews for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)*, TMNT II: The Arcade Game (XboFirst Quarter 2011 - Gaming Insurrectionx Live Arcade version)*, TMNT III: Manhattan Project (NES)*, TMNT: Hyperstone Heist (Genesis)*, TMNT: Tournament Fighters (SNES)* and the three Game Boy titles – Fall of the Foot Clan, Back from the Sewers and Radical Rescue – are the focus of coverage. Download the maps in a special pullout in the Special Section of

2. Mortal Kombat II tournament – Gaming Insurrection begins its first tournament for the classic fighting game from Midway, Mortal Kombat II. We provide brackets, tournament rankings, match analysis and video.*

3. Ready, Set, Begin! – These TMNT games are covered: Turtles in Time, Tournament Fighters and Manhattan Project.

4. Retrograde – The following TMNT games are covered: TMNT, Hyperstone Heist, The Arcade Game, Fall of the Foot Clan, Back from the Sewers and Radical Rescue.

5. The Strip – GI jumps into the impact of the TMNT comics and 1987 TV show in Strip Talk, reviews the three live-action TMNT movies, highlights Colossus in the Marvel character highlight, reviews Tenchi Muyo’s latest manga in Otaku and takes a look at the five best quotes from TMNT villain Shredder.

As always, you can download the issue from the main site, if you like.

Gaming Insurrection is continuing with its visual update, which began last quarter. Typography and readability is important to us and we appreciate all comments and suggestions. Let us know what you think by e-mail (editor[at] or gaming_insurrection[at] or by Twitter!

*= Video enabled!


01 2011

Editor’s Weekly Podcast episode #20: What we’ve been up to

Lyndsey Mosley

Lyndsey Mosley, editor

We’ve been out the game for a little bit but we’re back with a new episode for the Editor’s Weekly Podcast.

We talk about what we’ve been playing, what we’ve bought for various systems and ideas for various existing games such as Animal Crossing. Borderlands, a favorite with Gaming Insurrection, gets major air time as we discuss a little bit of the DLC that we’ve downloaded as well as the recent update to the game.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming podcast, Guns of Pandora, which will focus on Borderlands.



12 2010